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U+A mastering integrated design

The team of U+A, part of Egis Group, shares insights on crafting experiences that define the essence of hospitality and functionality

U+A mastering integrated design

Within the realm of high-end hospitality, U+A, part of Egis Group is reimagining the setting with groundbreaking projects like the Four Seasons and Six Senses AMAALA. These masterpieces showcase a blend of sophisticated architecture, meticulous master planning, and lush landscape design, setting the stage for an unparalleled guest experience. With each project, U+A not only constructs buildings but also curates environments, transforming spaces into sanctuaries of luxury and relaxation that beckon the discerning traveller.

A holistic design approach adopted by U+A

Sasan Niknam, Project Director at U+A, discusses the significant advantages of their comprehensive service model. “By providing a suite of holistic services, we ensure seamless coordination and integration of architecture, master planning, and landscape design,” Niknam explains. This synergy allows for cohesive developments that maximise site potential, aligning all elements from the onset to optimise the design and functionality.

This approach not only enhances the aesthetic and functional aspects of a project but also promotes efficiency and cost-effectiveness by reducing the complexities associated with managing multiple consultants. Niknam emphasises the importance of this integration in creating engaging environments that enhance the guest experience through a deep connection with the surrounding nature.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences at AMAALA Triple Bay

P. Martin Dufresne, Managing Principal elaborates on U+A’s innovative strategies for their most recent projects. For the Six Senses AMAALA, set against the dramatic backdrop of mountains and sea, U+A’s design respects and enhances the natural landscape. “Our masterplan is designed to celebrate the rugged mountains and stunning coral reefs, integrating these features with a range of guest experiences in one location,” adds Saif Zaidi, Director – Architecture at U+A.

The project’s layout promotes seclusion and exclusivity, with hotel suites and wellness retreats strategically placed to optimise privacy and views.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences at AMAALA Triple Bay

The Four Seasons in Triple Bay presents a family-oriented luxury experience, strategically designed as the ‘Headquarters Resort’ of the area. Zaidi describes how it caters to a diverse clientele with amenities, including a spa, a fitness centre, a conference centre, and a leisure deck water park. “It’s designed to become the premier destination for discerning travellers, offering luxurious retreats tailored to both families and corporate guests,” he adds.

Evolving landscape architecture

The scope of U+A’s work extends deeply into sustainability and cultural integration. Zaidi notes that both the projects aim for LEED Gold certification, reflecting their commitment to environmental stewardship. “Our approach incorporates sustainable practices like green space provision and waste management, ensuring our developments are not only luxurious but also environmentally responsible,” he remarks

In addition, U+A has fortified its landscape department, enabling landmark projects that seamlessly blend architecture with natural surroundings. “We’re keen on establishing a renowned landscape design division that sets new standards for excellence and innovation,” Mona Campbell, Landscape Director at U+A states.

Six Senses at AMAALA Triple Bay

Campbell, with extensive experience, provides insights into the transformation of landscape design in the region. “Initially, landscape architecture was an afterthought. Today, developers recognise its importance from the project’s inception,” she explains.

She also describes how U+A’s landscape design strategy now emphasises sustainability and resilience, integrating features such as sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to enhance environmental benefits and climate resilience.

Both U+A projects align closely with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aiming to transform the kingdom into a leading tourism destination. “Our projects contribute to cultural heritage promotion and economic growth through sustainable tourism,” Niknam concludes. This strategic alignment is anticipated to have a lasting impact on the region, elevating its status on the global tourism and architectural map.

Six Senses at AMAALA Triple Bay

Through these strategic innovations and a commitment to integrating comprehensive design services, U+A not only leads in architectural and landscape design in the Middle East but also significantly influences global standards in the hospitality industry. Their projects, characterised by luxury intertwined with sustainability, are paving the way for future architectural excellence in the region.