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Treyam: The ultimate luxury escape on the Gulf of Aqaba

Treyam, Neom’s latest resort on the Gulf of Aqaba, offers glass-bottomed rooms, a rooftop infinity pool, and a unique blend of desert landscape and sea views

Treyam: The ultimate luxury escape on the Gulf of Aqaba

Neom has revealed its latest luxury resort, called Treyam, which spans a lagoon on the Gulf of Aqaba. Designed by Mark Foster Gage Architects, the 250-room hotel will be housed within a 450-metre-long bridge with glass-bottomed rooms and a rooftop infinity pool. Located around 10 kilometres north of The Line development in Saudi Arabia, Treyam promises a unique and stunning experience for guests.

Strategically positioned across one of the most stunning azure lagoons at the southern end of the Gulf of Aqaba, Treyam is a luxurious gateway for guests seeking an active lifestyle.

Designed for adventure and endeavour, Treyam will also offer a variety of thrilling pursuits. Visitors can engage in various water sports, such as sailing and diving, and enjoy various exciting land-based activities.

The resort will also offer a range of modern health and wellness amenities, including technology-enhanced wellness offerings and fitness facilities. Guests can relax with luxury spa treatments and indulge in a variety of gourmet dining options.

This lagoon destination offers a unique experience with its blend of desert landscape and sea views. The bridge’s facade creates a sunset-like illusion, while the upper and lower floors provide panoramic views of the tidal lagoon and sky. The architecture seamlessly merges with the natural landscape, preserving the shoreline’s integrity.

Treyam’s unveiling follows the recent announcements of sustainable tourism initiatives across the Gulf of Aqaba. Some of the other developments announced so far include:


Leyja will be an exquisite sanctuary along the enchanting Gulf of Aqaba and stand as a testament to the amalgamation of nature, history, and mythology. A destination destined to charm and immersion in the serene surroundings featuring three hotels under the ‘Our Habitas’ brand.


Epicon will be a luxury coastal tourist destination in Saudi Arabia, featuring awe-inspiring skyscrapers, a hotel, a luxury resort, and residences within the Gulf of Aqaba.


Siranna will be a tourist destination in northwest Saudi Arabia, featuring a hexagon-shaped hotel and exclusive residences on the Gulf of Aqaba coastline. The hotel will have 65 rooms and the residences will be designed in hexagonal pillars, providing stunning views of the Red Sea. This futuristic retreat offers guests uninterrupted views and a unique architectural design.


Utamo, located along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline in Saudi Arabia, will stand as an immersive avant-garde art and entertainment destination nestled within mountains. Its entrance boasts a picturesque lush garden promenade that includes nature and technology and a majestic 64m high entrance to the grand hall.


Norlana is a luxurious waterfront locale on the stunning Gulf of Aqaba, conceived as an exclusive community featuring an ultra-luxury hotel, deluxe mansions, beachfront villas, residences, a superyacht marina, and an exquisite 18-hole golf course.


Aquellum is an innovative lifestyle destination situated on the Gulf of Aqaba. It combines opulence and nature within a 450-meter-high mountain retreat, harmonising grand architecture with cutting-edge technology to offer visitors a glimpse into the future.


Zardun is a high-end ecotourism resort located on the Gulf of Aqaba. The resort includes four luxurious buildings and three boutique hotels, offering a total of 100 rooms and suites. The accommodations seamlessly blend contemporary luxury with the natural surroundings, providing guests with a stunning and sustainable retreat experience.


Gidori is a luxurious golf resort located in the stunning coastal mountains of the Gulf of Aqaba. The resort features a unique cantilevered design and includes 190 ocean-view apartments, a boutique hotel, a beach club, and 200 exclusive villas and houses. Guests can also enjoy an 18-hole championship golf course, as well as picturesque hiking and cycling opportunities throughout the terrain.