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Transform your workspaces with innovative and functional office furniture

An exclusive interview with the Office Hub team as they consider the world of office furniture, exploring the artistry, functionality, and trends that shape Saudi’s contemporary workspaces

Transform your workspaces with innovative and functional office furniture

Welcome to Office Hub, a thriving office furniture Retailer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As a subsidiary of NMG Workspace Solutions, a well-known turnkey supplier with vast experience in design and build, the company leverages its industry knowledge and capabilities so that businesses can attain their goals unimpeded by ergonomic disruptions.

The corporate decorators believe that the right office furniture and atmosphere can have a significant impact on productivity, employee well-being, and business success.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, how do you create a space that fosters both efficient workflow and a calm atmosphere conducive to meaningful interactions?

In a contemporary workspace, harmonising efficiency and tranquillity takes centre stage. Through our collaboration with our renowned partner Kano, we perpetually innovate and address challenges, staying tuned to the aspirations of Saudi Arabia’s new entrepreneurial wave. This dedication ensures we deliver vital support, propelling the Saudi economy into uncharted territories.

Within the realm of office space design, do you observe distinct tiers of quality? If so, how do they influence your approach to furnishing different environments?

Certainly. We do a thorough market analysis before making any decisions, guaranteeing a full assessment of today’s demands and aspirations while keeping targeted costs without sacrificing quality. Recognising varying tiers of quality and experience, our methodology tailors services to match the unique needs of various corporate contexts. We meticulously create furniture sets that connect flawlessly with each business’ aesthetic and brand identity, delivering the optimal balance of elegance and utility.

Looking ahead, are there any trends that could gain significant traction? Conversely, what current trends are nearing a tipping point or showing signs of decline?

Anticipating a surge in demand for tech-integrated furniture, capitalising on the rapid innovation in the tech industry, is on our radar.

Sustainability is also gaining traction, shaping design and material choices. Regarding current trends, the saturation of open-plan offices is driving a transition toward a more adaptable and customisable layout. Simultaneously, there is a shift away from monochromatic minimalism toward embracing vibrant and diverse colour palettes.

What unique liberties and restrictions do you encounter when furnishing work and home offices, respectively?

Home offices provide greater opportunities for personalisation, but we navigate challenges tied to space constraints and diverse design preferences. In corporate settings, we leverage larger spaces to present desks with an enhanced, luxurious appearance, capable of elevating any office space to new heights.

Moreover, our method encompasses detailed consultations with clients, diving into their brand, work culture, and vision. Rigorous space assessments are conducted to comprehend the distinct characteristics and constraints of each environment.

Supported by a dedicated 3D team, we guarantee precise alignment with the client’s plan and vision. Only after ensuring the client’s satisfaction with the visuals do we proceed with the remaining stages of the process.

Given the growing popularity of biophilic design, can you explain why incorporating elements of nature seems to resonate so deeply with us?

In today’s fast-paced world, the challenge of satisfying our intrinsic need to connect with nature becomes ever more pronounced. Modern science, reaching unprecedented levels of understanding, unequivocally asserts the deep-rooted connection between humanity and the natural world.

This profound relationship, recognised for its inherent relaxation and mood-enhancing qualities, extends beyond mere well-being, transcending into the realms of improved business dynamics, enriched social interactions, and enhanced personal lives.

What are the latest innovations in the field and some of the best furniture pieces you would recommend?

We, in partnership with our valued Kano partners, are working hard to meet the demands of this rapidly growing market. To satisfy these needs, we give some of the most cutting-edge solutions available, which surely provide critical assistance while smoothly facilitating day-to-day work.

Our most recent developments cover a wide range, including intelligent furniture with advanced technology, large sound-isolating meeting pods, health-conscious sit-stand workstations, and adaptable modular solutions.

In terms of the second half of your question, given the variety of items we provide, simplicity belies complexity. Among these, one particular favourite stands out: The Ring series, with its strong outlines symbolising the perseverance and hard work required for success in company ownership.

What advice would you give to aspiring facilities managers and interior designers to ensure they can adapt and thrive in this dynamic industry?

Embrace the adaptability of design to align with the ever-evolving landscape of work trends. Give precedence to employee well-being by integrating ergonomic solutions and embracing sustainable practices to contribute towards a healthier planet. Cultivate an ongoing dialogue with clients to ensure that the design not only aligns with their vision but also nurtures a positive work environment.