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Top 5 window treatment styles for a home makeover this season

From energy-saving Roman blinds and Japandi-style natural materials to motorised controls and simple sheers, enhance your space with innovative and stylish window treatments

Top 5 window treatment styles for a home makeover this season

It has been famously said that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. In a similar vein, windows can be the gateway to one’s house. They hold the power to make a profound impact on the overall aesthetic of a room, sometimes even surpassing the beauty of the space itself. Hence, one should prioritise window treatments as they are not merely functional, but they can also enhance the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of a room. So, if you are looking to give your home the ultimate makeover, here are the top five window treatment styles that will bring everything together seamlessly.

Roman blinds

Roman and roller blinds continue to be a big window interior trend especially when teamed with curtains, offering privacy and light management for spaces that can be tricky with curtains alone.

Enhance the ambience of your space with a touch of sophistication. From adding texture to introducing block colours and intricate patterns, the options are endless. Opt for a luxurious ripple fold to elevate the tactile quality of your décor, a sleek block colour panel for a minimalist touch, or a classic box pleat for a timeless charm. Embrace the elegance of single-lined shades in spaces where tranquillity reigns, or opt for airy fabric blinds to bask in dappled light and create a serene atmosphere.

In recent years, shades have risen in popularity, surpassing curtains due to their versatility and compatibility with any window orientation. These stylish window treatments are particularly well-suited for luxurious kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to their convenient design. For the ultimate in elegance and practicality, we always recommend choosing shades made from mold-resistant fabrics that can be effortlessly wiped clean.

Additionally, Roman blinds are a highly efficient option for conserving energy through window treatments. The key factor is ensuring proper installation. By mounting the shades as close to the glass as possible and snug against the adjacent wall, a tight seal is created that effectively minimises heat gain.

Recessed fixings

Designers have been experimenting with creative methods to conceal curtain rod brackets in recent years, creating a more cohesive, organised, and modern look in rooms. The key to hiding curtain rod brackets is to utilise the room’s architecture to discreetly conceal the rod in any crevices or gaps between the window and the wall.

Concealing window accessories can elevate window treatments into architectural focal points and enhance the perception of ceiling height by extending the curtains all the way to the ceiling.

Japandi Blinds

The Japandi interior design concept combines elements of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, emphasising the use of natural materials in window treatments. Blinds in the Japandi style are typically simple and clean, with a focus on natural materials such as wood, cotton, and linen.

Soft, light contrast colours are favoured over sharp and striking contrasts, with a preference for combining shades from the same colour family like white, beige, light brown, and neutral tones like grey.

Smart window control

The emphasis on comfort is increasing, prompting many people to opt for motorised window treatment solutions for ease of use. Smart sun sensors can be integrated to automatically manage the opening and closing of curtains based on the intensity of sunlight. This setup can be conveniently controlled through a smartphone or a remote control device.

For instance, our Somfy Connexoon system enables homeowners to program their curtains or blinds to open and close at specified times. This not only aids in cutting down on air conditioning expenses but also helps safeguard against sun damage to pets, plants, and furniture. Automated exterior awnings are also favoured by customers, as they can lessen solar heat gain by as much as 50 per cent depending on the window’s orientation.

Simple sheers

Sheer curtains are expertly crafted to diffuse natural light, casting a gentle, otherworldly radiance that envelops any space in a serene yet energising ambience. The surge in popularity of sheer curtains can be attributed to their ability to instil a sense of airiness and sophistication within the home environment. By softening the rigid angles of architectural design, sheers elegantly allow sunlight to permeate while maintaining a sense of privacy. With their effortless grace, sheer curtains effortlessly introduce verticality and luxurious drapery without overwhelming the room with excess weight.