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Top 10 most sustainable eco lodges in the Middle East

From the tall dunes of Saudi Arabia to the lush valleys of Lebanon, these eco-resorts provide a seamless fusion of luxury and sustainable travel

Top 10 most sustainable eco lodges in the Middle East

From the expansive dunes of Saudi Arabia to the flourishing valleys of Lebanon, the Middle East is witnessing a trend in sustainable construction projects.

These endeavours seamlessly blend cutting-edge construction techniques with a commitment to environmental preservation. Just as the term ‘ecolodge’ signifies vacation rentals designed with deep consideration for their environment, these construction projects are strategically situated in rural or natural settings, far removed from the impacts of smog, pollution, traffic, noise, or urban sprawl.

Situated along natural areas, these innovative constructions exemplify the coexistence of progress and sustainability. In an era where sustainable building practices are of great importance, these projects not only stand as architectural marvels but also serve as beacons illuminating how construction can be tied with the environment.

Below are 10 eco lodges that you should visit in the Middle East:

1. Habitas, AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Located in the historic city of AlUla, Habitas presents an exclusive retreat alongside natural surroundings. This environmentally conscious establishment blends luxury with sustainability by incorporating locally sourced materials and advocating responsible operations.

Visitors have the opportunity to relax in elegantly appointed tents or villas, savour farm-to-table dining experiences, and embark on journeys to explore neighbouring heritage sites and geological formations.

2. Banyan Tree, AlUla, Saudi Arabia

For an even more lavish experience in AlUla, Banyan Tree is a luxurious oasis that immerses guests in the region’s rich history and culture.

The resort features villas with private pools, Arabian-style spas, and a range of activities that showcase the local traditions and landscapes. Banyan Tree is committed to environmental conservation and community engagement, promoting sustainable practices and supporting local initiatives.

3. Adrere Amellal, Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Adrere Amellal stands as an environmentally conscious resort located in Egypt’s Western Desert. Here, visitors have the opportunity to detach from the modern world and immerse themselves in the embrace of nature and local customs.

This secluded ecolodge has been meticulously constructed with natural materials, employing ancient methodologies and the expertise of local artisans. Notably, the property operates without the use of electricity, instead relying on candlelights and solar energy.

4. Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, Abu Dhabi, UAE

For a more immersive desert experience in the UAE, Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara is a luxury retreat in the Rub’ al Khali (Empty Quarter), the world’s largest uninterrupted sand desert.

The resort features stunning rooms and suites that blend traditional Arabian style with modern comfort, a spa that offers a range of treatments inspired by local traditions, and a range of activities that range from camel treks and falconry to stargazing and desert drives.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara is involved in initiatives that include eco-friendly practices, supporting local communities and cultural heritage, and conserving the desert’s fragile ecosystem.

5. Terra Cabins, Al Hajar Mountains, UAE

Terra Cabins emerges as a sustainable refuge situated amidst the Al Hajar Mountains in the UAE. This retreat offers guests a chance to disengage from the demands of the modern world and establish a deeper connection with the beauty of nature and the richness of local culture.

The property boasts contemporary cabins constructed using natural materials. Its dining establishment serves farm-to-table cuisine, celebrating the region’s culinary heritage. Furthermore, Terra Cabins offers a diverse array of activities that allow visitors to explore the mountain landscapes, encounter local wildlife, and delve into the area’s cultural heritage.

6. Kingfisher Retreat by Mysk, Sharjah, UAE

Kingfisher Retreat by Mysk is a serene and sustainable getaway in the mangrove forests of Sharjah, on the UAE’s eastern coast. The property features stylish chalets that blend contemporary design with natural materials, a restaurant that serves seafood and other local delicacies, and a range of activities that highlight the mangrove’s biodiversity, birdlife, and culture.

Kingfisher Retreat by Mysk partakes in eco-friendly practices, support of local communities and conservation projects, and the promotion of cultural exchange and education.

7. Odam Retreat, Baskinta, Lebanon

Found within the Chouf Mountains, Odom Retreat is a luxury eco-lodge that offers guests a tranquil escape in nature. The spacious suites and chalets are made from locally-sourced stone and wood and are designed to blend seamlessly into the landscape.

8. Six Senses Zighy Bay, Dibba, Oman

Tucked away in a secluded bay on Oman’s northern Musandam Peninsula, Six Senses Zighy Bay is a sustainable retreat that epitomises “barefoot luxury.” The 82 villas are crafted from natural materials and feature private pools, outdoor showers and views of the Gulf of Oman.

Guests can experience the thrill of paragliding into the resort or take a more leisurely arrival by boat. The resort offers a range of activities including yoga, hiking, and traditional Omani experiences like date-palm harvesting.

9. Discovery Bedu, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Situated deep in the heart of Wadi Rum, Discovery Bedu offers guests an escape among nature. The Bedouin-inspired tents are furnished with locally-made crafts and boast private terraces with panoramic views of the desert.

10. Jnane Tamsna, Marrakech, Morocco

For a more expansive and secluded retreat in Morocco, Jnane Tamsna is a sprawling estate that embodies the country’s hospitality and diversity. Set in a lush garden oasis outside Marrakech, this boutique hotel features spacious suites and villas, a restaurant that serves organic and seasonal cuisine, and a range of wellness activities. Jnane Tamsna promotes local culture and biodiversity, and is comm