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Toby’s Estate: A luxury coffee experience like no other

Step into the realm of sophisticated serenity at Toby’s Estate, where chic design meets tradition

Toby’s Estate: A Luxury Coffee Experience like No Other

Nestled in the embrace of an elegantly designed villa, Toby’s Estate is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a journey into a realm of sophisticated serenity. Imagine stepping into a world where chic white and black hues dance under charming arches, creating a timeless sophistication. This captivating space, where modern design intertwines with tradition, is bathed in vibrant greens, sophisticated greys, and crisp whites, offering an ambience that’s both unique and reflective of its community.

As you wander further, the allure of Toby’s Estate extends beyond its stylish interior to an enchanting outdoor garden seating area. This stunning haven, perfect for a tranquil coffee retreat, invites guests to indulge in personal reflection, engage in friendly catch-ups, or delve into focused work sessions.

Upon entering the graceful realm of Toby’s Estate, it’s hard not to be mesmerised. The villa, a masterpiece of design, welcomes visitors into an oasis of sophistication and tranquillity.

CW Property Middle East spoke to Homood Alzamel, Managing Partner for Pinnacle Group, where he played a pivotal role in the architectural and interior design of Toby’s Estate locations.

Alzamel’s adeptness in design and project management, his capability to handle complex projects, and his sharp aesthetic sensibility have played a crucial role in driving Toby’s Estate’s expansion and cementing its status as a frontrunner in the coffee industry.

Homood Alzamel, Managing Partner for Pinnacle Group

In establishing Toby’s Estate’s premium image, how do you integrate the brand’s unique aesthetic into the design of its coffee outlets, particularly in diverse locations like Dubai?

As a coffee shop operator with a presence in 19 locations, we’ve developed a distinct language that embodies the Toby’s Estate look and feel. This involves a meticulous process of integrating unique design elements across various aspects of the outlets, from interior decor to the overall ambience.

A pivotal aspect of this creative journey is the collaboration with talented designers to maintain the seamless cohesiveness of our aesthetic throughout our outlets. This commitment to design excellence contributes significantly to an elevated brand experience for our customers.

In addition, how do you incorporate local cultural elements into the design of Toby’s Estate outlets?

We carefully consider various aspects, including the type of seating and the spacing between tables, to incorporate local cultural elements into the design of Toby’s Estate outlets. This involves providing diverse seating options and understanding that the expected demography of clients in each location may differ based on their social preferences.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial in luxury design. Can you discuss how sustainability principles are integrated into your design process?

In our commitment to sustainability, we prioritise the use of durable materials that age gracefully. Additionally, we emphasise the integration of natural greenery, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to naturally maintain a clean atmosphere.

With the rapid expansion of Toby’s Estate, what is your vision for the brand’s future, particularly in relation to the Middle East luxury demand?

We believe that luxury transcends mere material scale; instead, it is defined by the creation of lasting memories. As we continue to expand, our approach involves a meticulous study of each location individually, allowing us to tailor and curate an exceptional experience for our clients.

This personalised focus ensures that Toby’s Estate maintains its commitment to delivering unique and memorable moments, contributing to our success in the evolving luxury market of the Middle East.

What are some unique challenges you face in designing luxury coffee retail spaces, and how do you address them to enhance customer experience?

Having high footfall implicates heavy usage, so one key challenge we face revolves around ensuring the durability of the materials used in our outlets, a crucial aspect of maintaining the luxurious ambiance.

Another challenge is the flow of the location and how convenient it is from the customers’ perspective. The size and layout variations of our locations determine our unique design vision, whereby we create the customer journey accordingly.

Toby’s Estate is rapidly expanding, launching in Kuwait in 2016, Saudi Arabia in 2021, Qatar in 2022, and now the UAE, with plans for a grand opening in New York by the end of 2024.

Plans for the future

This year, they’re upping the ante with a cutting-edge roasting facility in Riyadh, marking a thrilling new chapter. Beyond geographic growth, they’re innovating with trendy ready-to-drink items and crafting youth-centric beverages, all part of a dynamic strategy to redefine the speciality coffee experience and captivate diverse palates globally.