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The top 6 emerging trends shaping office spaces in 2024

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The top 6 emerging trends shaping office spaces in 2024

Over the past few years, businesses have been making significant changes in how they design their office spaces. They now give more importance to the appearance, functionality, and well-being of their employees. In 2024, we can expect to witness some fascinating trends in creating work environments that are ready for the future. These trends will focus on fostering connections, enhancing well-being, and embracing change. As a leading expert in workplace design, MillerKnoll takes you through the top 6 emerging trends that are shaping office spaces this year. So, let’s delve into what’s in store for the future of work!

Eco-driven designs – BOA Table by HAY

Sustainability is no longer just a passing trend, it has become a core principle in design for organisations that value responsible operations.

The HAY Boa Table, designed by Stefan Diez, is a modern take on conference tables. What’s impressive about this table is its use of renewable bamboo in construction, which aligns with their goal of achieving net-zero emissions. HAY’s commitment to sustainability has been recognised, as they recently received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for their Boa Table with linoleum table tops. This certification, known as ‘the world’s toughest environmental certification’, is a testament to the table’s resource efficiency, minimal climate impact, high quality, positive impact on human health, and contribution to biodiversity conservation.

Ergonomic support – Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Adjustability tailored to body mechanics reduces injury risks associated with prolonged sitting while lowering fatigue. Incorporating ergonomic chairs into office spaces helps fix this, in turn enhancing employee well-being and productivity.

Ergonomic to the core, Aeron’s pioneered posture-first design by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick epitomises the ergonomic gold standard, evidenced by decades of accolades. Its launch was pioneering in the office furniture industry nearly 30 years ago – and it still is, thanks to updated research and material innovation, including the addition of ocean-bound plastic to the body of the chair.

Technology integration – Ondo by CBS

Innovative capabilities elevate furniture beyond style to enhance user experiences. From flexible monitor arms to intuitive connectivity set-up, integrated technology simplifies workflows, positioning companies at the forefront of innovation. 

Compatible with all docking stations with USB-A and C ports, CBS’ Ondo centralises connectivity needs for streamlined collaboration. This helps employees keep their desktops neat and clutter-free, in turn improving the ability to focus on the task at hand, reducing stress and boosting productivity.

Energising breakout zones – Knoll Womb Chair and Platner Coffee Table

Thoughtfully designed breakout areas drive engagement, creativity, and renewal through experiential spaces promoting informal connection. Strategic furnishings balance professionalism with relaxation to enable recharging and relationship building. 

Knoll’s Womb Chair and Platner Coffee Table duo invites relaxed exchanges within sophisticated interiors. The pop of colour invites a welcoming and creative energy whilst still showcasing a professional corporate environment.

Illumination for productivity – Fine Suspension Lamp by Muuto

Strategic office lighting delivers many benefits – from elevating engagement to upholding wellness and safety. Thoughtfully designed illumination balances task-oriented needs with atmospheric considerations. By mitigating eye fatigue risks that help you focus, quality lighting systems reinforce alertness and concentration throughout dynamic workdays.

Muuto’s Fine Suspension Lamp is not just aesthetically pleasing, but this uniquely versatile piece offers a myriad of options, available in three sizes that can be hung both horizontally and vertically, and as an ambient, general or task light with a 320-degree beam angle. These qualities make it a design with many faces, perfect for any work environment.

Clutter-free office space – Sideboard Storage by NaughtOne

Proper storage facilitates security, efficiency, and peace of mind via tidy access to essential documents and equipment. Clean organisation optimises square footage while upholding professionalism to keep workers focused. 

NaughtOne’s Sideboard Storage offers refined hideaways for eliminating office clutter. Equally, this Sideboard holds its colour very well and can be a great way to make a statement to an interior.