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The rise of resimercial design in commercial spaces

Explore how TwentyOne06 and Havelock One elevated The Knowledge Academy’s office in Dubai with elegant finishes and strategic use of materials

The rise of resimercial design in commercial spaces

In today’s work environment, employees are on the lookout for cosy, motivating spaces that promote relaxation and productivity. This has led to a growing trend of companies incorporating ‘home-like’ elements into their office designs. Hence, we delve into the growing popularity of ‘resimercial’ design.

What is resimercial design?

Resimercial design blends residential and commercial elements to create a comfortable and welcoming workspace. This design style incorporates cosy accents like plush couches and soft lighting to promote employee well-being and boost productivity. By bringing the comforts of your home into the office, resimercial design enhances the aesthetic appeal of the workspace, while also increasing overall job satisfaction.

In the world of commercial interior design, it can be tough to balance luxury with functionality. But, TwentyOne06 and Havelock One managed to pull it off beautifully when designing The Knowledge Academy’s office in Dubai. They created a resimercial haven suited to the client’s luxurious taste, while remaining practical for daily use.

What was the approach like?

For TwentyOne06, the primary aim when designing The Knowledge Academy’s office was to create an elevated, comfortable, and functional space that employees would enjoy spending time in, while still maintaining a professional and organised appearance.

To start with, the high-end finish of the workspace was achieved through the strategic use of marble supplied by The natural marble, cut to perfection was seamlessly integrated into the design. Moreover, the combination of beige wood and natural wood ceilings, along with the elegant White Statuario Marble, created a balanced ambience of richness and tranquillity.

“With this workspace design project, the attention to detail was considered at great length. The use of natural marble in this space was critical because not only did it create a high-end aesthetic, but it is also a durable material that lasts a long time, expands the space, and makes a statement at the entrance. Besides, the corridor walls, adorned with polished-edge marble slabs alongside brass partitions, created a visually stunning effect,” says Sabiha Yusuf, Interior Designer at TwentyOne06.

Detailing and finishes

Every element of the fit-out completed by Havelock One served a dual purpose—to elevate the aesthetics and withstand the rigours of a dynamic work environment. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the combination of intricate detailing and high-quality finishes defines The Knowledge Academy’s workspace. “From the outset, we envisioned a space that not only met but exceeded expectations in terms of luxury and quality. By skilfully combining various materials, we achieved a seamless fusion of elegance and functionality,” says Salas Louis, Project Manager at Havelock One. “Through free-flowing communication with TwentyOne06 and regular site meetings, we were able to get ahead of schedule, showcasing the power of collaboration and dedication to exceptional results.”

The workspace has floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light, creating a bright and airy environment. The waiting area features warm ambient lighting for a welcoming atmosphere, while the boardroom is elegantly lit with cove lighting. Lylux lighting provides lighting options that showcase how resimercial spaces should be lit, blending comfort and professionalism seamlessly.

The use of brass as a recurring motif in the design extends to furniture and functional elements throughout the space. From T-Bar Brass Handles on the entrance door to brass-framed transparent glass partitions in meeting rooms, the consistency of brass elements created a cohesive visual language. The skirting, door handles, and signage all feature brass, showcasing not only a strong aesthetic choice but also the technical skill in material application.

The walls are also adorned with warm-beige natural slatted wood wall finishes, with a downward-facing wood grain, instilling a sense of warmth.

Combining luxury and comfort

In the resimercial world, focal points are carefully orchestrated to infuse comfort and functionality.

The communal seating area in the workspace was designed with circular wooden drafters and 360 seating, enveloped in soft pink upholstery and complemented by brass skirting. It serves as a centrepiece in the heart of the workspace, offering a recreational breakout area that seamlessly integrates into the spatial design.

The meeting room is partitioned with matte brass-framed transparent glass, creating an intimate and sophisticated space. Soft grey carpeting improves acoustics, making it ideal for meaningful conversations. “These thoughtful touches personalise workspaces, catering to the diverse needs of modern professionals,” adds Yusuf.

At the heart of creating inspiring workspaces is the perfect balance between luxury and practicality. It’s not just about aesthetics—it’s about making sure that every corner of the workspace uplifts and energises the people who spend their days there. TwentyOne06 and Havelock One have come together to redefine what it means to blend residential comfort with professional functionality in Dubai. Together, they’re setting a new benchmark for excellence in workspace design that’s sure to make a lasting impact on the city’s bustling business scene.