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“The future of bathroom design will be shaped by smart technologies”

In an exclusive interview, Frederick Trzcinski, VP Commercial ME and Marketing MEA, Ideal Standard, shares how the company is revolutionising bathroom design with smart technologies and sustainable practices

“The future of bathroom design will be shaped by smart technologies”

Ideal Standard, a leading company in the bathroom solutions industry, has been providing innovative designs to enhance the lives of customers worldwide for over a century. Known for pioneering bathroom design and technology, it has also made significant advancements in sustainability without compromising on quality performance and design. Frederick Trzcinski, VP Commercial ME and Marketing MEA, Ideal Standard, elaborates on the latest developments in bathroom designs and technologies.

How do you see the future of bathroom design evolving?

The future of bathroom design will be shaped by smart technologies and the rising demand for a more personalised space. We envision sleek, modern finishes that keep the aesthetical essence of bathroom designs while integrating with smart home systems. Sustainability will also play a role in redefining bathroom designs, where features like water-saving, automated lighting controls, and eco-friendly materials will become the norm in all modern bathroom spaces.

As mentioned by you earlier, consumers are increasingly interested in eco-friendly products. How is Ideal Standard incorporating sustainability into its designs and manufacturing processes?

Our company is dedicated to sustainability and integrates eco-friendly practices in its designs and manufacturing processes. Our sustainability report, titled ‘Together for a Better Future’, outlines our commitment to waste management, sustainable packaging, and maintaining high safety standards. We have also unveiled a plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, demonstrating our focus on reducing our environmental impact.

For instance, our patented FirmaFlow ceramic disc cartridge can save up to 50 per cent of water consumption, while AquaBlade technology presents our innovation in flushing technology, focusing on reducing water consumption while working flawlessly at low flush volume.

In our manufacturing processes, we implement various strategies to minimise waste and energy usage. Our recent achievements included saving 2,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions in our UK ceramic plants and generating over 2 million kWh of onsite renewable energy in a production facility in Germany. Our continued strides in sustainability were recently recognised with a Silver Medal from EcoVadis, the world’s largest provider of business sustainability ratings.

What can be done to promote a more sustainable bathroom culture in the region?

Promoting a more sustainable bathroom culture in the region requires collaboration among stakeholders, education initiatives, and pushing for more eco-friendly practices. We believe in the importance of raising awareness about water conservation through educational campaigns to emphasise the importance of using resources responsibly, which is a pressing challenge across the region due to the scarcity of water.

To promote eco-friendly practices in bathroom design and renovation, it is important to encourage the use of products and materials that are sustainable. This includes promoting water-saving fixtures and choosing sustainable materials like recycled or low-impact materials for fittings and finishes. Collaborating with professionals in the industry to incorporate sustainability principles into building codes and standards is also crucial for promoting a more sustainable bathroom culture.

What role does technology play in enhancing functionality and performance?

Technology is revolutionising the bathroom industry, and Ideal Standard is embracing these advancements to enhance functionality and user experience. Our products, like the Solos shower range, feature smart water-saving systems, customisable LED colours and brightness, and precise shower flow adjustments. These innovations aim to improve efficiency and can be integrated with other smart tech devices in people’s homes.

In addition, modern manufacturing technologies are helping us streamline production processes and ensure the highest quality standards for our products. Automated assembly lines, advanced robotics, and innovative CAD software are just a few examples of how technology can help create more sophisticated designs.

Looking ahead, what exciting developments can we expect from Ideal Standard?

2023 was an incredible year for us, we’ve made a real impact against our goals set in 2022, including the launch of Alu+, an innovative showering collection made from 84 per cent recycled material and free from chrome and nickel. As we move into 2024, we plan to match and better these efforts with even more innovative technology and cutting-edge design.

We are committed to revolutionising bathroom design by introducing innovative technology and sustainable practices. Our main focus is on integrating smart technology into our products to enhance functionality and user experience. Our goal is to lead the industry with unique products and solutions that redefine the bathroom experience and contribute to a better future.

At our company, we understand the importance of combining design and performance for top-quality products and solutions for bathrooms. We believe that both aspects are crucial for success and strive to integrate them seamlessly into our offerings for both, private and public spaces.