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Saudi’s NEOM welcomes three new sustainable hotels in Leyja

Our Habitas is already present in the kingdom with two properties in Al Ula

Our Habitas, a global leader in sustainable hospitality, has inked a new partnership with the developers of NEOM to introduce three distinctive hotel properties focusing on eco-tourism.

The three new Our Habitas projects will be located in a natural wadi oasis between 400m-high mountains at Leyja, NEOM’s newest sustainable tourism destination, and are aimed at travellers seeking outdoor adventure and wellness experiences. The project takes advantage of the dramatic natural landscape off the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba winding inland.

Our Habitas is already present in the kingdom with two properties in Al Ula, and runs wellness experience-based resorts across Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, Morocco, Namibia, and Bhutan.

An ‘otherworldy’ journey into Leyja’s landscape

The series of homes — as the brand calls them — will collectively feature 120 rooms and suites evenly distributed across the trio of properties. Each one is designed to provide a unique experience intended to be perceived sequentially, like a journey.

Our Habitas co-founder and CEO Oliver Ripley said, “This project is truly unique and visionary. The natural beauty is otherworldly, the architecture and design remarkable and the experience will offer our community an ever-deeper journey of discovery and transformation; both of themselves and their connection to the natural world around them. We are honoured to have this opportunity.”

“Our Habitas successfully pushes the traditional limits of hospitality and offers inclusive experiences that engages guests’ imagination,” noted Chris Newman, executive director of NEOM’s Hotel Division. “This approach truly resonates with our ambition to be a catalyst for change in our industry.”

“Visitors to Leyja can expect to be enchanted by Habitas with a personalised experience, supported by the wider NEOM tourism infrastructure,” Newman.

“Guests are encouraged to experience each of the three homes as part of a journey to the region, immersing themselves in a distinctive resort whilst also having the opportunity to embrace the entire valley as a collective space – a unique place where the future meets history and technology meets humanity,” he added.

Jeremy Lester, NEOM executive director of Gulf of Aqaba, also added that Leyja effortlessly blends natural and developed landscapes in an innovative and sustainable manner in line with NEOM’s broader commitment to conservation.

“Our Habitas’ thoughtfully curated hotel experience promises serenity, escape, and adventure, set amongst the area’s stunning natural beauty,” said Lester.

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Home of Adventure

The first of the three properties is located approximately 2.8km from the wadi entrance, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the dramatic landscape on the way in, and follows the wadi’s topography. On offer are rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and multi-day treks.

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM launches new sustainable tourism destination ‘Leyja’


The second hotel is located deeper in the wadi, offering stargazing and fine dining with a chef in residence programme.

Home of Wellness

The final hotel is a place of reflection — literally. With a mirrored facade to reflect the surrounding landscape, the hotel intends to host health and wellness retreat programmes and experts.