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Qiddiya unveils a groundbreaking performing arts centre to boost Saudi Arabia’s cultural landscape

This landmark aims to redefine the cultural landscape and attract over 800,000 visitors annually

Qiddiya unveils a groundbreaking performing arts centre to boost Saudi Arabia’s cultural landscape

Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) has unveiled a new performing arts centre in Saudi Arabia, contributing to the diverse cultural offerings of the country. This centre is part of a series of entertainment, sporting, and cultural attractions announced by QIC, which also include a gaming and esports district, Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium, a motorsport track, a Dragon Ball theme park, and Aquarabia water theme park.

The new cultural centre will have three theatres with a total of over 3,000 seats, combining physical and digital elements for a 360-degree experience. One amphitheatre will offer stunning views of the city’s lower plateau, while a 500-seat venue will be suspended from above. The centre will support young Saudi talent by providing educational opportunities and resources to develop writers, producers, and actors. Also, it will feature a rooftop sky garden, art galleries, and green spaces to enhance the cultural experience.

Moreover, the centre will be more than just a performance space, it will also serve as a community hub offering dining, retail, and educational entertainment.

Abdullah Al-Dawood, managing director of Qiddiya Investment Company, stated, “Qiddiya City is more than just the home of entertainment and sports, it is also a leader in the preservation and promotion of Saudi culture. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce the addition of the Qiddiya Performing Arts Centre to Qiddiya City. It will be a beacon of creativity and innovation that will elevate Saudi Arabia’s cultural landscape to new heights. With its ground-breaking modern design, pioneering technology, and commitment to nurturing talent, the centre will embody the spirit of Qiddiya City as a place where imagination knows no bounds.”

According to the official statement, the centre in Qiddiya City is anticipated to draw over 800,000 visitors annually. The centre aims to redefine the cultural experience through its architecture, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to artistic innovation, and this development is expected to enhance the overall attractions within Qiddiya City for both residents and tourists.