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Jumeirah Emirates Towers unveils a reimagined lobby

Step into the exquisitely renovated lobby of Jumeirah Emirates Towers, where tradition meets modernity in a sophisticated blend

Jumeirah Emirates Towers unveils a reimagined lobby

Jumeirah Emirates Towers has unveiled its exquisitely renovated lobby. Following a 23-year journey, this iconic venue has been reimagined, blending its storied past with a modern touch. The renovation emphasises a sophisticated balance, merging business practicality with an elevated sense of style, ensuring that the enchanting ambience of this historic space is not only preserved but also enhanced. This step marks a new chapter in the hotel’s legacy, offering an unparalleled experience for guests and visitors alike.

Transformed by the renowned interior design studio La Bottega, the lobby has long been a nexus of business, innovation, and leisure. It is a space where leaders from across the region and the world unite to share ideas, where friends engage in conversation, and families enjoy heartfelt moments. At the heart of this vibrant space is the Daefi Lounge serving a curated of beverages and luxurious light bites that blend tradition with luxury.

A captivating redesign pays homage to the hotel’s distinctive triangular architecture. The hotel’s design legacy is evident in the intricately woven triangular pattern adorning the carpet, which also blends seamlessly into its iconic marble flooring. Positioned at the heart of the hotel and in clear sight from every floor, this design choice not only delivers a visually striking aesthetic but also creates an enhanced sunburst effect, providing a captivating view for guests who use the hotel’s panoramic lifts.

Navigating the open space design of the lobby involved strategically positioning fauna to define private lounge spaces whilst natural light to filters through. The redesign features a carefully curated selection of furniture, including custom sofas, armchairs and dining chairs that strike a well-balanced interplay of professional and casual settings. The choice of dark blue accents and metallic colours is complemented by a neutral colour palette for the furniture, giving the interior a sophisticated feel that balances and plays a key role in creating a harmonious theme and elevating the overall aesthetic appeal.

The contemporary lobby is enhanced by a meticulous selection of various fabrics and materials for its furniture, with textured and silky surfaces to create a depth that transcends conventional industrial design. Tables adorned with Saint-Laurent, Greek Calacatta, and blackjack-painted glass amplify the richness of the neutral colour palette.

A central floral display adds a final touch of elegance, seamlessly integrating nature into the overall design setting the atmosphere of the lobby to a sophisticated location for business and leisure.

The comprehensive renovation of the lobby commenced in September 2023 and was completed in November 2023. The newly redesigned lobby at Jumeirah Emirates Towers stands as a masterpiece, marrying tradition with modernity to create a space that is not only visually captivating but also invites guests to embark on a journey of creating memorable moments.