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Innovative luxury: Merging real estate with a rich Emirati legacy

Abdullah Al Shaibani, Managing Partner of Alphabeta Properties talks about his vision for leading a change in the real estate market

Unconventional luxury: Merging real estate with a rich Emirati legacy

Leading the charge in Dubai’s competitive real estate market, Alphabeta Properties, under the visionary leadership of Emirati entrepreneur Abdulla Al Shaibani, stands as a symbol of sophisticated innovation and luxury.

Al Shaibani’s deep-rooted passion for design and creation, spanning across technology, automotive, and real estate, drives his pursuit of excellence and scalability. This approach transcends traditional buildings, shaping lifestyles that resonate with the dynamic needs of a modern populace.

Alphabeta embodies more than construction; it represents a commitment to harmonise lifestyles with the aspirations of today’s active generation.

In an exclusive interview with CW Property Middle East, Al Shaibani reveals the philosophy and objectives steering Alphabeta, showcasing landmark projects like Alphabeta T-10 and C-6, and the upcoming Q East penthouses, each a testament to the company’s mission to blend aesthetic appeal with functional elegance.

What inspired you to enter the real estate market with Alphabeta, and how do you envision your company’s role in shaping the future of Dubai’s skyline?

I was inspired by a vision to go beyond conventional property development; I aspired to shape a distinctive skyline. While Dubai’s rapid development has been impressive, Alphabeta’s mission is to bring a fresh perspective, elevate architectural standards, and set new benchmarks. We strive to be bold, challenge norms, and establish an unparalleled standard of excellence in the real estate market.

Can you share specific examples of how your company integrates innovative concepts into your property developments?

Innovation, especially in sustainability, is at the heart of Alphabeta. Take, for instance, our commercial project at Q East, where we’ve integrated a solar array to power the development, embodying our commitment to sustainable practices. Our focus on using locally produced, sustainable materials and minimising on-site wastage aligns with our ethical approach to construction.

Ensuring our sites adhere to ethical labour practices is another facet of our commitment to innovation, beyond just design.

How do you believe your local roots and understanding of the region influence compared to international developers in the market?

Understanding the unique challenges posed by the UAE’s climate is crucial, and my local roots allow us to navigate and embrace these challenges seamlessly

Our properties are designed to make the most of outdoor spaces year-round, a feature that is integral to the Emirati lifestyle. Many international developers struggle to grasp the intricacies of our climate, giving us a distinct advantage in providing designs that resonate with our community.

How does Alphabeta incorporate local Emirati culture into its design ethos?

Dubai’s achievements are embedded in our culture and history, and Alphabeta draws inspiration from this legacy. Our design ethos is deeply intertwined with our commitment to challenging norms and achieving the unconventional.

In the case of Alphabeta T-10, the iconic slanted windows stand as a testament to our dedication to architectural innovation. These windows not only capture the city’s dynamic spirit but also redefine the way we interact with space, blending the boundaries between indoors and the bustling cityscape.

Meanwhile, the unique swimming pool on the second floor of C-6 exemplifies our commitment to unconventional luxury. This audacious design choice transforms the traditional concept of a pool, creating an elevated oasis that not only enhances the aesthetics but also fosters a unique living experience.

What are your aspirations for Alphabeta in shaping the luxury real estate landscape in the ME? Any upcoming projects that symbolise this vision?

Our vision for Alphabeta is evolving towards creating a resort-like experience within our real estate. We’re exploring unique locations, including those overlooking the expansive Emirati desert and beachside locales. The idea is to build something distinctive that reflects the opulence of the Emirati
luxury lifestyle.

The luxurious penthouses at the upcoming Q East embody this approach, offering a resort-like feel, with each unit boasting a private pool, even in the heart of Dubai’s Soho.

This is a glimpse into our future projects, each designed to provide unique and unparalleled living experience.