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In Pictures: Check out Siranna, NEOM’s latest luxury tourism destination

Explore Siranna in pictures

NEOM has recently unveiled a new luxury tourism destination named Siranna, located on the Gulf of Aqaba along the Red Sea.

The luxury resort features a 65-key hotel and 35 exclusive residences, uniquely accessible only by boat through a narrow bay in the sea.

Situated on the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, Siranna offers more than just accommodations. The resort will boast a top-tier events space capable of hosting performances and art installations. Additionally, it will feature restaurants, a beach club, nature retreats, and wellness facilities to enhance the overall guest experience.

Initial previews show the resort nestled in a picturesque mountain valley by the Red Sea, with hexagon-shaped pillars and a tiered, crystal-like structure meticulously designed to reflect and integrate with the surrounding landscape.

This ambitious project is set to redefine luxury tourism in the region; explore Siranna in pictures below.

All photos by NEOM.