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ICONIC Tower, an ‘iconic addition’ to the branded residences segment

With 311 ultra-luxury apartments, top-notch amenities, and a commitment to sustainability, ICONIC Tower will set the benchmark for high-end living in Dubai, tells Diana Nilipovscaia, CEO of MERED in an exclusive interview

ICONIC Towers, an ‘iconic addition’ to the branded residences segment

ICONIC Tower, a groundbreaking project bringing together the visionary design of Pininfarina and the exceptional quality of MERED will soon grace the skyline of Dubai Internet City, standing tall at 286.4 metres. With 311 ultra-luxury apartments and top-notch amenities, it will redefine living standards in the city. Moreover, it will not be just any other branded residence, it will set the benchmark for high-end, high-rise developments in Dubai, both in aesthetics and scale.

In an exclusive chat with CW Property Middle East, Diana Nilipovscaia, CEO of MERED, shares fascinating insights on how ICONIC Tower, the first branded residences scheme by Pininfarina, will change the way we buy homes and live in the Middle East.

ICONIC Tower is the first branded residence project by Pininfarina in the Middle East. What motivated this collaboration, and what are your goals for this project?

MERED believes in working together with partners and leveraging each other’s strengths to achieve better results. We wanted to make a strong impression in the Dubai real estate market and bring something valuable to our project. That’s why we partnered with the legendary Italian brand, Pininfarina, known for its design and architecture expertise, to work on our new residential development, the ICONIC Tower.

With its illustrious 90-year legacy, Pininfarina brings profound expertise in creating designs that transcend time. Known for their association with elite car brands such as Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, Pininfarina’s venture into architecture has been marked by innovative, award-winning projects across the globe. Their dedication to elegance and timeless design principles make them the ideal partner for the ICONIC Tower.

Exterior of the project

Pininfarina and MERED both come from a background of catering to the high-end lifestyle sector, sharing values that resonate with their unique identities. This partnership allowed Pininfarina not just to showcase its distinct design flair but also to achieve its goal of making a mark in the Middle Eastern residential market with a reliable partner like MERED. It has also opened doors to a region with a growing appetite for branded residential projects, thus broadening both companies’ brand recognition, and business reach.

How will Pininfarina’s expertise and design philosophy be integrated into the development of the ICONIC Tower?

The design philosophy behind the ICONIC Tower is inspired by the natural elements of Dubai and its unique geographical context. The building’s conception was influenced by the wind—a theme that plays a dual role in the tower’s design narrative. The tower is envisioned as a masterpiece sculpted by the wind, reflecting a seamless blend of natural forces with architectural finesse. This is evident in the tower’s two main façades: the seaside façade is soft and smooth reminiscent of sea breezes and waves, while the cityside façade embodies the dynamic energy of Dubai’s urban landscape, echoing the shapes of the hinterland sand dunes.

In keeping with Pininfarina’s heritage, automotive-inspired details are woven into the tower’s design, adding a layer of dynamism and elegance. The use of double-glazed insulated units in the curtain wall system is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail, focusing on thermal insulation without compromising the clarity of the amazing views and light transmission. The strategic placement of balcony dividers and the integration of glass balustrades not only enhance the building’s aesthetic but also incorporate functional elements discreetly by concealing the tower services network.

Moreover, the façade of the ICONIC Tower features Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) cladding, meticulously analysed to align with the overall design vision. This choice adds a dynamic and luxurious touch to the exterior, supported by steel frames that blend seamlessly with the architectural theme. Each element, from the concealed tower services within balcony dividers to the modular GFRC panels, is carefully considered to ensure harmony with the original design concept.

What features and amenities can potential buyers expect from this prestigious development?

Residents can expect an enriching living experience, with access to a private lounge and dining area, a state-of-the-art gym, an exclusive cinema, and an infinity pool boasting stunning sea views. Additional luxuries include outdoor terraces, a jacuzzi, a sauna, and an innovative ice spa, ensuring a lifestyle of comfort and indulgence. The tower is centrally located in the Emirate, with attractions like Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina a short distance away.

With 423 parking spaces, including climate-controlled vehicle boxes, residents are ensured that even in Dubai’s high summer temperatures, their cars are taken care of. Adhering to the Al-Safat Green Building Regulation and Dubai Building Code, ICONIC Tower emphasises ecological sustainability, optimising natural light and energy efficiency, further solidifying its status as a symbol of modern, sustainable ultra-luxury living.


The pinnacle of luxury is the penthouse at the top, offering breathtaking city and sea views. The building floor plans and glazing will be optimised to maximise natural daylight, and the main external entrance will feature a door design to prevent the loss of conditioned air, ensuring energy efficiency throughout the building.

Beyond the ICONIC Tower, what are MERED’s long-term aspirations and strategies?

MERED is actively expanding its footprint in the region and beyond, continuously surveying new construction sites and we are planning to announce our new project soon. Our strategic approach involves announcing a new project annually, leveraging the international experience of our expert team and esteemed partners.

ICONIC Tower is the first branded residence project by Pininfarina in the Middle East

This strategy is designed to introduce new standards in development quality, innovative concepts, styles, and superior material finishes. By collaborating with international leaders and incorporating the latest practices and technologies, we aim to significantly elevate the quality of real estate development in the Emirates.