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How to give your home a K-drama-inspired makeover

Bring Korean minimalism and functionality into your own home with these simple tips

Give your home a K-drama-inspired makeover

The popularity of Korean culture has surged in recent years, with people embracing everything from music, art, and movies to clothing lines and beauty products. As a result, many are now seeking inspiration from the homes of their favourite K-drama characters when redecorating their own homes.

The South Korean interior design style combines minimalism and aesthetics, focusing on spatial distribution and neutral colour palettes. Natural elements like timber and walnut enhance the elegance and sophistication of the space. To achieve this trendy and sophisticated look in your room or home, follow the below-mentioned tips.

Less is more

The South Korean interior style emphasises an abundance of natural light, sheer gauzy pastel/neutral curtains, and low-level, multi-purpose furniture pieces. To achieve this modern, minimal look, Pratiksha Singh, an independent interior designer, suggests the following things:

  • A common theme in Korean interior design is the use of light wood furniture or accents like ceiling structures. Light wood combined with white walls will give your room a fresh and spacious look.
  • Instead of nailing a mirror to the wall, leave it leaning on the wall! The less traditional the shape, the better it is – when it comes to mirrors and basic accessories. This not only gives your room a sophisticated look, but it also reflects light making your room appear brighter and spacious.
  • A cosy reading nook is a staple as one must’ve noticed in most K-dramas. However, you don’t need a huge space for your books. A tall shelf stacked high with books, a throw and some pillows and your reading corner is complete.
  • Go for multiple diffused light sources in the house. The idea is to maintain a beautiful balance of plentiful natural light during the day and soft lighting post-sunset.
  • Pick furniture that is multi-functional and in the tones of whites, creams, beiges or light wooden finishes.

Simple isn’t boring

Korean-style interiors are known for their calming and muted colour schemes, which provide a refreshing contrast to high-energy interiors. The use of soft tones creates a pleasing backdrop for decorating the space, allowing for the incorporation of pops of colour through vibrant accessories and decor pieces.

“To create a striking and modern look, consider adding a bright orange sofa to a room with white walls and wooden floors. Take inspiration from Yoon Se-ri’s apartment in Crash Landing on You (CLOY) by incorporating natural plants for a biophilic touch. Keep curtains simple with sheer linen in soft colours like mint green or pale yellow. Light-coloured wooden flooring adds warmth, texture, and depth to the space, completing the aesthetic,” adds Singh.

To create a modern and comfortable home, focus on keeping spaces well-organised and visually soothing by eliminating unnecessary walls and only displaying a few large abstract statements. Incorporate handcrafted materials like ceramics and rugs for added charm. Embrace minimalistic design and functionality to achieve unity and soundness in the room. Accessorise with care to create a harmonious and calm vibe throughout the space.

Your handy guide

  • It is essential to engage all of the senses in interior design, so use fragrances that instantly improve your mood and mindfulness at home.
  • Instead of using loud colours on the walls, use pastel shades and avoid having too many elements and decorative items in a room.
  • To maximise air circulation and free movement within the home, use an open plan concept.
  • To reduce clutter, use multifunctional furniture and keep it simple.
  • Use shelves for storage as well as unique decorative items.
  • Use a simple window blind instead of room curtains.