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How smart home technology is enhancing modern homes?

From mood-setting lighting to voice-controlled automation, explore the latest trends that elevate luxury living

How smart home technology is enhancing modern homes?

Previously, homebuyers considered big homes with opulent designs and amenities at prime locations to be luxurious. However, today, luxury buyers are looking at improving their quality of life using smart home automation. They are now insisting on using technology to augment remote learning, working and healthier living environments. Where technology was once seen as ‘fun to use’ it’s now a necessary component for an efficient and thriving lifestyle.

It’s time to go high-tech

Apart from the optics, technology can provide the best of comfort and transform the mood and experience of an individual at the click of a button. It can especially be a boon to the elderly, the differently-abled and very young children.

When integrating smart technology into a home, it is advisable to go for a complete end-to-end solution at least for important areas like your living room or your entertainment space – this includes, lights, AC, curtains, door locks, video door phones and all your AV gadgets. Biometric locks are a convenient solution for wardrobes and doors as you wouldn’t need to carry a bunch of keys around. Advanced technology ensures that backups are provided in case of internet or power failure.

Colour-changing lights are another feature of innovation in the field of design. Not only can you change RGB colours, but you can also change the tones from white to yellow. This is especially useful for a multi-use space wherein one evening you can create an intimate atmosphere for a romantic dinner and the next day you can go ahead and create a cheerful space for fun activities for a play date with kids.

Cutting-edge technology and innovation have made it possible to meet the formidable demands of new-age buyers and many experts in the design and construction world have noticed an acceleration in the demand for integrating technology into the home décor space.

Some popular innovations, which are elevating the splendour and exquisiteness of a space:

  • With the evolving dynamics in home décor and renovation, a shift towards sustainability and smart lighting has emerged to be an essential component. Luxury smart home lighting not only augments the beauty of luxury homes but is also extremely useful in conserving resources. Motion detectors, LED lights with dimmers, and lighting automation are some of the interesting innovations in this area;
  • Smart windows are gaining popularity due to the automation of blinds, colour-changing glasses and smart blinds for adequate privacy;
  • Premises augmented by state-of-the-art air purifiers and a photovoltaic system promoting sustainability have also become a favourite among consumers;
  • Centralised audio systems for a relaxing ambience and calming mood have risen in popularity due to a rise in work-from-home culture;
  • Ergonomically crafted patented technology kitchen systems are helping to establish the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The art of balancing

Technology needs to invisibly work to make the life of the consumer easier. For instance, one of our clients recently moved from a small house into a massive villa. However, her main concerns were safety, security and the staff (read: she did not want them to misuse her home/belongings).

Hence, using strategically placed ekey readers, access-controlled doors programmed to provide access to limited people and for very specifically pre-programmed times along with the CCTV cameras that feed into her devices – we were able to give her the mental peace she needed to be able to relax and enjoy her home.

Big-screen televisions, which roll up vertically and hide in a piece of furniture; technology and sensors, which significantly reduce power consumption and wastage of electricity and beds that hide away to reduce visual clutter are some of the innovations popular with luxury buyers today.

However, before installing any system we recommend all stakeholders such as the electrician, carpenter, automation system vendor, security system vendor, user interface integrator, Wi-Fi systems vendor, etc to come together in one room and make sure all have taken each other’s requirements and then propose their systems so that eventually the client’s needs are met seamlessly.

Besides, one must ensure that enough firewalls and other data security measures are in place to avoid any glitches later. Lastly, we recommend wired solutions over wireless solutions if you are integrating tech into the project early on. Use wireless only if wired solutions are no longer possible due to site constraints.

Experts also recommend purchasing items that would be useful instead of buying them for their “wow” factor. When buying your products ensure they are compatible with your existing technological units. So, do research well before making a purchase. Automation can get complex; hence, always try to keep your automation easy to follow for a better experience.