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Here’s all you need to know about Jaumur, a luxurious residential community on the Gulf of Aqaba

Jaumur is being designed for over 6,000 residents, and will include 500 marina apartments, and 700 luxury villas with waterfront access

Here’s all you need to know about Jaumur, a luxurious residential community on the Gulf of Aqaba

NEOM has unveiled Jaumur, a lavish cosmopolitan community located on the Gulf of Aqaba, offering a luxurious lifestyle and opportunities for an active living experience. This development joins other sustainable tourism destinations such as Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, and Norlana in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Jaumur was described by the NEOM as an exclusive residential community with a marina, designed for over 6,000 residents. It will include 500 marina apartments, and 700 luxury villas with waterfront access and private mooring. There will also be two destination hotels with 350 luxurious rooms and suites, offering stunning views and modern coastal hospitality and sporting activities.

The marina in Jaumur will be the central attraction of the development, serving as the hub for the thriving community. A 1.5 km aerofoil structure will protect yacht owners and create a haven for residents and guests. The aerofoil will feature a gravity-defying cantilever that will serve as an exquisite entrance welcoming the world’s largest superyachts to the marina.

Plans for Jaumur also include a deep-sea research centre and elite international boarding school, as well as facilities for a host of sporting activities.

The research institute will be dedicated to deep-sea exploration, welcoming established experts and ambitious pioneers to champion marine discovery, knowledge and conservation and establish NEOM as a world-leading hub for oceanographic research.

The international boarding school within the project will attract select students from around the world, preparing them for global achievement through an exclusive, progressive, and broad-based education system, delivered by a diverse international faculty of experts and innovators.

In a promotional video for the project, Terry McQuillan, head of architecture at Bureau Proberts, mentions, “Imagine, if you will, you’re approaching on your superyacht. In the distance you see something on the horizon: this amazing structure that is unique.  Once you arrive in the marina you’ll be overwhelmed by such a strong sense of geometry.”

What is NEOM?

Developed in the northwest Saudi Arabian province of Tabuk, the NEOM project is a planned megacity and special economic zone. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), envisioned this place and started the project in 2017. NEOM will encompass an area of 26,500 km² and house more than 9 million people.

In early April, reports emerged that The Line, a planned glass-walled city meant to stretch for 105 miles across the desert by 2030, would be a length of just 1.5 miles by that time—a reduction of 98.6%. The purported scaling back of plans was believed to have come over concerns of finances for NEOM, which is part of the Kingdom’s broader Vision 2030 initiative to diversify its economy away from oil.

However, recently Saudi Arabia revealed that all NEOM megaprojects will go ahead as planned despite reports of scaling back.

“All projects are moving full steam ahead,” Faisal Al Ibrahim told CNBC’s Dan Murphy at the World Economic Forum’s special meeting in Riyadh. “We set out to do something unprecedented and we’re doing something unprecedented, and we will deliver something unprecedented.”