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Ground-breaking collaboration between Azad Properties, PROPER Developments & Hilton to shape Jeddah’s real estate landscape

Azad Properties, PROPER Developments, and Hilton are partnering to transform Jeddah’s real estate scene with a visionary project in Souq7, redefining urban development and hospitality in the city

Ground-breaking collaboration between Azad Properties, PROPER Developments & Hilton to shape Jeddah’s real estate landscape

Azad Properties, PROPER Developments, and Hilton have officially signed a collaborative agreement to shape Jeddah’s real estate scene. The signing ceremony, held in Riyadh, was attended by Ayman Al Burti of Azad Properties, Ahmad Al Jared of PROPER Developments, and Amir Lababedi of Hilton. This partnership aims to contribute to the evolution of Jeddah’s real estate landscape and bring about transformative projects in the city.

Azad Properties, known for its innovative urban developments, has partnered with PROPER Developments, a forward-thinking developer specialising in visionary mixed-use projects, and Hilton, a global leader in hospitality, to introduce a pioneering project within the vibrant Souq7 precinct in Jeddah.

Ayman Al Burti, CEO of Azad Properties, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to innovation and excellence in real estate development. Together with our esteemed partners, we are proud to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Jeddah.”

Arch. Ahmad Al Jared, Partner at PROPER Developments, added, “We are thrilled to introduce this dynamic project, which represents a significant step forward in urban development in Jeddah. Through this collaboration, we aim to create a vibrant hub that offers a range of hospitality, retail, and commercial offerings to enhance the experience of residents and visitors of Jeddah.”

The hospitality-oriented mixed-use development within Souq7, developed by PROPER Developments, includes a Hampton by Hilton hotel, retail spaces, and offices. Expected to open in 2026, Hampton by Hilton Souq7 will bring the brand’s award-winning thoughtful and friendly hospitality to guests staying in the missed-use community. The 216-key hotel will feature a variety of guest rooms, a fully equipped fitness centre, and two meeting rooms to cater to business travellers, as well as several value-added amenities such as a lobby lounge, contactless arrival, and a complimentary breakfast. The retail built-up area spans 3,900 square meters, offering a diverse array of shopping experiences, while the office spaces encompass 6,800 square meters, catering to the needs of modern businesses.

Carlos Khneisser, Vice President, Development, Middle East and Africa, Hilton, mentions, “We are delighted to be working closely with Azad Properties and PROPER Developments to bring the value-driven Hampton by Hilton brand to Jeddah. Hampton by Hilton in Souq7 is a welcome addition to our portfolio in KSA as we continue to diversify our presence in the Kingdom to meet guests’ various accommodation needs, and in particular the needs of the midscale market. The hotel sits in an exceptional location, giving visitors access to one of Jeddah’s most lively lifestyle communities.”

Souq7, developed by Azad Properties, stands as one of the most ground-breaking projects in Jeddah, continuously advancing the concept of the integrated market. Spanning over 728,000 square meters and distributed across seven distinct zones, the project boasts a comprehensive range of offerings, including fashion, furniture, household appliances, electronics, and more, all seamlessly integrated. Additionally, Souq7 features the largest complex of cafes, restaurants, entertainment facilities, and cinemas in Jeddah, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters. Accompanying activities such as a hotel, health clinics, and commercial offices further enhance the project’s appeal, providing a modern and diverse experience that caters to the needs of individuals and families, adding a distinctive character to the overall ambience of Souq7.

As the project unfolds, all stakeholders eagerly anticipate the realization of their shared vision—a dynamic destination that aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and contributes to the ambitious goal of attracting 150 million visitors annually by 2030.