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ENVI Lodges makes way for its second luxury ecolodge in Oman in 2025

The new ENVI eco-retreat will be in Al Sifah and will connect guests to the Omani culture through curated experiences

ENVI Lodges makes way for its second luxury ecolodge in Oman

Luxury ecolodge brand and management company ENVI Lodges has announced plans to add a second property to its portfolio in Oman.

This new eco-retreat, nestled on the pristine shores of Al Sifah, only an hour away from Muscat, promises an unparalleled beach experience, connecting guests with the beauty of the Omani coastline and its rich cultural heritage. The announcement comes just weeks after ENVI announced its entry into the Sultanate with mountain ecolodge ENVI Al Jabel Al Akhdar.

ENVI Al Sifah is set to open in late 2025 and will be located on a preserved sandy beach where a lush wadi meets the Arabian Sea. It will feature 40 luxury sea-view tents created by Tenthouse Structures, each designed to withstand the coastal climate while providing natural ventilation to ensure guest comfort.

The ecolodge, owned by a consortium of Omani investors, will include common facilities such as a restaurant serving seafood and locally sourced cuisine, a wellness centre, a swimming pool, a kids’ club, and an activities centre. Outdoor spaces will be available for fireside theme nights and will include an open-air beach cinema.

ENVI Lodges makes way for its second luxury ecolodge in Oman

ENVI Al Sifah

Experiences curated at the ecolodge will connect guests to the Omani culture and include dhow restoration and cooking workshops. For relaxation, meditation and yoga sessions will be offered, while adventure enthusiasts will be able to enjoy kayaking, snorkelling, paddle boarding in the Gulf of Oman, hiking, and the opportunity to discover nearby Bandar Khayran, a hidden gem beach known for its breath-taking views and sustainable fishing.

ENVI Lodges is committed to sustainable tourism and will implement eco-friendly practices, including renewable energy sources, water conservation, recycling, and waste management programmes. The company also aims to engage and support local communities, starting with the rehabilitation of a nearby children’s playground.

ENVI Lodges Co-Founder Noëlle Homsy said: “ENVI Al Sifah represents a harmonious blend of an adventure wadi experience and a serene beach retreat in a single ecolodge. We are fortunate to have access to this unique site, where the raw, unspoiled beauty of the Omani coastline meets the rich biodiversity of the wadi, creating a space that offers both excitement and tranquillity.”

She added: “We are grateful for the opportunity to develop responsibly on this unparalleled beach stretch and aim to establish ENVI Al Sifah as a distinctive destination.”

With previous property announcements in the Middle East, Africa, and South America, ENVI Lodges’ expansion with a new ecolodge in Oman further strengthens its regional presence, highlighting its commitment to making a positive impact in the hospitality industry.