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Dubai Residence reimagined: C’est ici Design curates a sun-kissed retreat

Step into the world of Cadiz, designed by C’est ici Design, where bohemian charm meets modern elegance

Dubai Residence reimagined: C'est ici Design curates a sun-kissed retreat

Situated in the lively heart of Jumeirah, Dubai, Cadiz, a Mediterranean-inspired abode for a family of four, is the newest project from C’est ici Design. The team has rejuvenated 11 rooms spread out over 590 square metres and two floors. Designed for young entrepreneurs, Cadiz serves as a sanctuary for the family to unwind amidst their hectic schedules. Combining luxury and cosiness, this space exudes a sense of warmth, nature, and eternal summer vibes.

Strategic spatial planning 

How did the team kick-start the design process? The design process focused on combining two villas into an open layout, carefully dividing the space into family living, dining, and kitchen areas. The seamless transitions between zones were created for a harmonious flow throughout the home. The kitchen and bathrooms were completely overhauled, modernising their finishes and layouts to improve functionality and aesthetics.

“Guided by the brief to create open spaces to host family and friends, the home features multiple seating options with a generous dining table. A thoughtfully chosen light colour palette fills the space with a sense of luminosity complemented by natural light during the day. The bedrooms are designed for understated sophistication, while the children’s rooms are vibrant and playful reflecting a balance of individuality and unity within the home’s design,” explains Monica Arango, Founder, C’est ici Design.

The spirit of summer

Cadiz is inspired by the cosy vibes of Mediterranean surroundings and the allure of bohemian style, aiming to exude a feeling of peace and comfort. Taking hints from sunny views and vibrant foliage, the design captures a sense of inviting warmth and rejuvenation. Emphasising simplicity, organic elements, and cosiness, it offers a modern twist on laid-back living, encouraging you to take a break and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

“The home is filled with carefully curated bespoke and signature pieces that feel like an integral part of the design rather than additional scattered objects. Terracotta textured accents, woven into mosaic tiles and accessories, harmonise with natural wooden finishes and verdant greenery, infusing the home with a fresh, summery ambience and inviting warmth,” adds Arango.

Balancing tone and texture

The house is meticulously crafted to age gracefully, boasting a material palette rich in natural finishes such as stone and wood. Rustic, earthy tones permeate the space, complemented by textured fabrics, ceramics, rattan furniture, and sheer linens. These elements are juxtaposed against whitewashed walls, concrete, brick, terracotta tiles, and stones, creating a captivating interplay of textures and hues. Imperfect finishes such as rustic concrete cladding and textured plaster add depth and tactile character to the space, while micro cement serves as a versatile canvas for walls, floors, and ceilings.

The micro cement finish on the walls and floor ties everything together, providing a smooth canvas for the design elements to shine. But the real showstopper? That bar counter! It’s decked out with stunning cement tiles and a gorgeous river-washed Travertine countertop. Serving as the focal point within the living spaces, the bar exudes prominence and elegance, drawing attention to its artisanal construction and exquisite materials.

“In the sun-drenched realm of Cadiz, every detail tells a story of craftsmanship and inspired design. This luxurious retreat is a journey of indulgence and relaxation. With minimalist principles, this practical yet chic design reflects the brand’s signature style of interior while incorporating the client’s personality and aesthetic into every corner of the home,” concludes Arango.