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DHG Properties: Bringing Swiss quality to Dubai with Helvetia Residences

Helvetia Residences is scheduled for the first quarter of 2026, Milos Antic, Vice Chairman of DHG Holding and Founder of DHG Properties tells is in an exclusive interview

Swiss Developer DHG Properties makes Dubai debut with ‘Helvetia Residences’

DHG Properties has consistently delivered top-notch quality in all their projects throughout Europe, crafting over two million square metres of residential and commercial space in the last three decades. Their dedication to improving Europe’s real estate scene remains steadfast, but they have also recently made their debut in the UAE market, following the belief that greatness stems from stepping out of comfort zones. With the launch of their inaugural project, Helvetia Residences, Milos Antic, Vice Chairman of DHG Holding and Founder of DHG Properties, shares how they plan to maintain the same high standards in the UAE as they are renowned for in European markets.

What motivated DHG Properties to enter the UAE market after three decades of operating in Switzerland?

With the UAE being known as a global leader across several domains, it is a market that has become synonymous with pushing boundaries. Hence, we believe there is no better city than Dubai to help us elevate our company to new heights while also supporting the pioneering vision of Sheikh Mohammed. Moreover, by aligning with initiatives such as the Dubai 2040 Urban Masterplan, the aim is to create a dynamic that mutually benefits both the country and our company.

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Additionally, the world has seen turbulent times in recent years in the form of COVID-19 and overseas turmoil, Dubai and the wider UAE have not only withstood these hardships but ultimately excelled amidst them. This gives us confidence in the market and is a prime catalyst behind our decision to bring great Swiss Quality to the region.

What makes Helvetia Residences stand out from other luxury residential projects in Dubai?

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to own a home they can be proud of. For the last 30 years in Europe, we have prioritised using top-quality materials and paying close attention to every detail from planning to construction. Our willingness to invest more in quality construction saves our clients from long-term issues, ultimately ensuring that they can proudly live in the homes we deliver. This approach has proven successful, as it not only meets but surpasses the expectations of affordable luxury, making it ideal for Dubai’s dynamic market.

Helvetia Residences distinguishes itself from other luxury residential projects in Dubai by offering a blend of affordable luxury aimed at a broad demographic, including middle-class families and high-net-worth individuals who seek quality homes for both personal use and as investments.

Our pricing strategy focuses on providing value that exceeds cost, making luxury accessible to more people without compromising on quality. Residents of Helvetia Residences will have access to a range of amenities, including a fitness centre, swimming pool, padel courts, children’s playground, and areas for relaxation and family activities, all of which are designed to enhance urban living.

The project, located in the increasingly popular JVC area, provides easy access to Dubai’s key landmarks and business districts. Our timeline for the completion of construction and the project delivery is scheduled for the first quarter of 2026, with pre-sales having already begun.

What unique expertise and qualities do DHG Properties bring to the table, and how will these contribute to the success of Helvetia Residences?

In the words of the Italian architect, Leonardo Da Vinci—Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

Emphasising great attention to detail has been our greatest strength over the years, as well as a driving factor in our ability to serve thousands of happy customers over the years. Since its inception, our main focus has been to ensure we enter markets with premium quality; and to provide the highest possible value to each investor and end-user. This ambition covers everything from development, design, sizing, and pricing.

For example, from an architectural standpoint, we have brought our Swiss engineers to Dubai to be on-ground during the development phase of Helvetia Residences. Doing so will ensure that every step of construction is tended to with the highest level of care, and to ensure that buyers receive exactly what they are paying for; an elevated and unparalleled market offering.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities that DHG Properties anticipates in the Dubai real estate market?

As it would be for any company entering a new market, our biggest challenge would be establishing brand credibility in the region. While this is something we already have in Europe, the UAE is a new market and we are treating it as such. Helvetia is an instrumental pillar in our vision of becoming known as a developer that investors and end-users can confidently trust and rely on.

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The opportunities in the UAE are countless. The real estate market has been thriving despite the challenges of the pandemic, and the numbers are there to prove it. In 2023, we saw incredible growth in individual unit sales values, transactional volumes, and project launches. And the momentum has only increased in 2024, with over 36,000 sales transactions taking place in just the first three months of the year. The off-plan segment has been particularly strong, accounting for 46% of the city’s total transactions during this time, with about 16,600 sales.

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With such promising progress in recent years, and industry analysts forecasting a positive outlook ahead, we look forward to contributing to this ongoing growth.

How does Helvetia Residences fit into DHG Properties’ long-term vision for the region?

The total value of real estate projects currently planned or under construction in the Middle East currently stands at an estimated $1.68 trillion, up from $1.38 trillion in 2023. Our delivery of Helvetia to the market will help contribute to immediate regional growth in the short term, while future projects that we have planned will further complement the region’s long-term growth.

Does DHG Properties have plans for further development projects in Dubai or the UAE?

Given our official sales launch of Helvetia earlier this year, our immediate priority is the construction and delivery of this project. As for future endeavours, we’ve already initiated plans for expanding our presence in Dubai. This has been an objective of ours since entering the UAE market last year but we are aware of the importance of taking things one step at a time.

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We have identified various areas for upcoming projects, ensuring a broad reach for investors and residents across the Emirate, all while embracing the unique offerings of DHG Properties. The company has a long-term vision and is currently in the process of planning for the future. They are excited about the upcoming developments that will be revealed in the coming months.