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Cultural resonance meets modern luxury

Marrying Miami-style architecture with the timeless appeal of traditional Arabic influences in the Middle East’s residential panorama

Cultural resonance meets modern luxury

In a city adorned by towering skyscrapers and tech-integrated structures seamlessly woven into our daily routines, it’s easy to overlook that the UAE, at a mere 52 years old, boasts a profound cultural heritage. Amidst the relentless pursuit of progress, traditional Arabian echoes persist, etched into the fabric of the nation’s narrative: from iconic museums and government buildings to charming residential villas and sprawling master communities.

While the UAE’s skyline reflects a global metropolis, its spirit resonates with a blend of modernity and rich cultural heritage. Almal Capital Investments, recognising the escalating demand for luxury real estate coupled with a steadfast commitment to cultural values, has artfully positioned itself at the intersection of tradition and innovation.

In an exclusive conversation with CW Property Middle East, Mohammed Khader, Head of Developments at Almal Capital Investments, unveils the company’s latest venture—a symphony of opulence and tradition embodied in luxury villas inspired by the allure of Miami-style architecture and the timeless charm of classic Arabian influences.

Mohammed Khader, Head of Developments at Almal Capital Investments

“By leveraging the fusion of Miami-style architecture with traditional Arabic influences, our villas resonate deeply with local and international buyers seeking a unique blend of sophistication and cultural resonance,” Khader begins, as he comments on Almal Capital’s newly launched villas in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah.

“Our strategic positioning within prestigious communities like La Mer ensures that our properties benefit from exclusive locations while providing easy access to the vibrant city centre,” he continues. Khader also mentions the company’s practice of consistently monitoring market trends and buyer preferences, ensuring that its luxury properties remain at the helm of evolving demands.

Speaking exclusively on its luxury villas, Khader reveals what distinguishes them from other high-end properties in the market, saying, “Our villas have a blend of distinctive features, cultural integration, and focus on responsibility. The incorporation of motorised shading screens reminiscent of Mashrabiya shading, along with water features inspired by the Falaj system, sets our properties apart in terms of cultural authenticity and aesthetic appeal.”

Furthermore, Khader details Almal Capital’s commitment to sustainability revealing the company’s use of advanced technologies like solar panels, insulated walls, and high-performance glass. He mentions that all of these elements combined not only align with modern environmental concerns but also ensure energy efficiency and reduced operational costs for residents.

Cultural tapestry in architecture

Delving into the details of the villa designs, our conversation takes us into the creative realm with Ellen Sohoel, the visionary Founder of international architecture and interior design firm, XBD Collective. As the creative force breathing life into these luxurious villas, she shares insights on the studio’s inspiration and vision for the projects.

“We drew inspiration from the region’s coastal charm,” she starts, referring to the large windows and glass doors incorporated into the villas. “The choice of natural materials like limestone and wood fosters a connection with the coastal environment, while outdoor spaces are designed to enhance the villa’s relationship with the sea.”

Ellen Soheol, Founder, XBD Collective

Sohoel reveals that the villas’ designs followed the theme and name ‘Harrisoni’, a rare species of coral found in the waters of the Arabian Gulf. “Embracing contemporary styles in Dubai, our architecture emphasises clean lines and minimal aesthetics, creating a sophisticated yet culturally resonant living experience.”

When asked what considerations went into selecting materials for the design and construction of the villas, Sohoel unveiled the importance of quality and aesthetic appeal. Warm browns, deep greys, and accent colours were chosen to create a cohesive look, while the use of natural limestone cladding minimised heat gain inside the property.

“The interior design of the villas embraces a palette of neutral off-white tones, blending with soothing gradients of blue, and evoking the tranquil essence of the nearby sea,” she reveals, “this concept extends to bespoke artworks crafted by a local artist and thoughtfully placed accessories around the property.”

Going into further detail about the villa designs, she also divulged the fit-out materials used for the project. A layering technique was employed for the finishes, drawing inspiration from the interconnected elements of ‘coast, sand, and water.’ Greek marble flooring was also used, allowing the space to exude an air of quiet luxury.

Additionally, the walls feature the warmth of natural teak wood strategically placed in the staircase, and at double height in the entrance area, as well as in the kitchen. According to Sohoel, this careful placement creates soft, inviting corners within the space, adding warmth without overwhelming it with heaviness.

Aligned with the UAE’s commitment to sustainability, XBD Collective embraces eco-friendly practices in the design of these luxurious residences. Sohoel highlights the conscientious approach, stating, “To navigate the unique challenges presented by the coastal climate, we employ corrosion-resistant materials. The strategic orientation of the villas, coupled with high-performance glass, not only maximises natural light but also minimises electricity consumption in the long run.” These measures underscore the studio’s dedication to environmentally conscious and forward-thinking development, ensuring a sustainable and responsible approach to the epitome of luxury living.

Ultimately, this venture by Almal Capital Investments and XBD Collective stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of modern luxury and cultural richness, creating a living experience that not only echoes the opulence of the present but also pays homage to the nation’s enduring heritage and commitment to a sustainable future.

It’s more than just real estate; it’s a lifestyle that seamlessly blends tradition, innovation, and environmental consciousness in the heart of the UAE.