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Casaire: A sanctuary of Italian legacy furniture in Al Quoz

Casaire’s Founder and CEO Samvit Tara reveals the ethos behind shaping a unique niche that sets them apart in Dubai’s luxury furniture market

Casaire: A sanctuary of Italian legacy furniture in Al Quoz

In the heart of Al Quoz, Dubai’s art and culture district, Casaire, a curation of legacy Italian furniture brands, emerges as a sanctuary of sophistication and curated design.

In a candid conversation with Founder and CEO Samvit Tara, we delved into the ethos guiding Casaire’s design philosophy and the distinct features positioning its luxury furniture offering in a unique niche in the market with the launch of its brand-new flagship store.

Crafting magnificence with a distinct approach

With a three-decade legacy behind it, Casaire curates quality Italian furniture renowned globally for its craftsmanship. In a market dominated either by high-end European luxury or mass-produced alternatives, Tara thought to bridge the divide by introducing a nuanced approach to luxury in Dubai.

“Before we introduced Casaire, an in-depth study was conducted that identified a gap: no stores were offering high-quality design at good price points,” says Tara. “Either there exist very high-end European luxury brands or low-end product lines from China and Turkey. Casaire slotted right in the gap and this is what sets us apart in Dubai and as we expand across the GCC.”

Immersive experiences: Unveiling the 10,000 sq ft flagship store

The 10,000-square-foot Casaire flagship store unfolds as a spatial poem in Al Quoz. Beyond a mere furniture emporium, Casaire has envisioned an experiential haven where functionality converges with celebration, doubling as an event space.

Divided into distinct indoor and outdoor ranges, the store offers uncluttered spaces, inviting visitors to visualise furniture seamlessly blending into living spaces — and imagine them as their own. An inverted tree, reaching from an 8-metre-high ceiling, captures the essence of Italian quirk. “We seek to give our customers the feeling of walking into their home, making it really very easy for them to visualise our furniture in different settings,” Tara says.

In a landscape increasingly dominated by immersive digital e-commerce interfaces, Casaire wants customers to experience the tactile and visual richness of its physical space, with its strategy squarely focused on the flagship store and a digital presence serving only as an introduction. The digital platform acts as a portal, offering a glimpse into the brand’s ethos, Italian labels, and a curated selection of furniture and accessories.

 “Our site is primarily an invitation to visit our flagship space at Al Quoz,” Tara clarifies. “We would not want our patrons to scroll past centuries of Italian craftsmanship and brands in one swipe.

“We wish them to feel the quality of our furniture, the craft, the material, [and] the textures. We seek conversations on the designs curated. We encourage them to sit, lounge and delight in our offerings, which is why we have carefully planned our digital presence to give our curious customers an easy and quick overview of our overall brand, the Italian labels we display along with a well-catalogued selection of our furniture and accessories available to them.”

Casaire currently has brands that typify Italian design, collaborating with mainstays of the Salone Milan such as Cierre1972, Potocco, and Varaschin. The former has been designing and manufacturing sofas for over 60 years out of a factory in Forli, while Potocco has nearly a century-long legacy of designing solid wood occasional furniture. Varaschin specialises solely in outdoor furniture, and supplied contract furniture for projects like the Royal Atlantis and the Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental in Abu Dhabi.

Looking ahead

Taking design and customisation to the next level, Casaire plans to introduce a distinctive collection of custom carbon fibre furniture by mid-2024. A nod to the region’s affinity for luxury automobiles, this collection promises to synchronise furniture with the aesthetic nuances of supercars.

“[This will make] it possible for us to take the VIN of your Bugatti or Ferrari and be able to match the exterior carbon fibre colour or the interior leather finishes to the furniture. We are introducing a whole range of furniture in this collection to include kitchens, sofas, loungers, armchairs, dining tables, and sideboards.”

On a closing note, Tara extends a quiet invitation to explore the world of Casaire in Al Quoz. Beyond the narratives of luxury and sophistication, Tara—and Casaire —aim to create a haven where furniture transcends mere functionality.