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Breaking biases: The rising influence of women in real estate

Zarah Evans, Owner & Managing Partner of Exclusive Links Real Estate Brokers shares how women are becoming key decision-makers in property transactions, driving growth and fostering inclusivity in the market

Breaking biases: The rising influence of women in real estate

In a world where gender dynamics are ever-evolving, it is imperative to acknowledge and commend the profound influence women wield in the realm of real estate. In my personal encounters, I have witnessed women emerge as authoritative figures in property transactions, thereby significantly altering the landscape of the industry.

From passive participants to key decision-makers

In the last twenty years of working in the industry, I have witnessed significant growth and transformation in Dubai’s real estate market. Within this dynamic environment, the participation of women in property transactions has undergone substantial development. Traditionally viewed as a male-dominated domain, with men typically assuming the primary decision-making roles in property sales, this perception is rapidly evolving.

Today, women are not merely active participants in the real estate market but are the primary decision-makers in numerous property transactions. Whether single, married or part of a family, women bring a distinct perspective and set of priorities that shape their property choices. They are increasingly educated, financially autonomous and self-assured in making substantial investment decisions.

The emotional and practical dimensions

Women approach property sales with a strong sense of emotional maturity and practical considerations. Their decisions are often driven by a profound sense of care and nurturing, ensuring that the property they select meets the needs of their family and aligns with their long-term objectives. This holistic approach encompasses several decisive factors:

  • Safety and security: Women prioritise the safety and security of their families above all else. They meticulously assess the neighbourhood, the presence of security measures and the overall environment of the property. This focus on security ensures that their loved ones can reside comfortably and without fear. This is especially key when living as a visitor to an unknown country and in a transient community.  
  • Community and amenities: Women are more inclined to consider the availability of community amenities such as parks, schools, healthcare facilities and recreational centres. They understand the significance of a supportive community and its role in enhancing the quality of life.
  • Aesthetic and functional appeal: While aesthetics are important, women also pay close attention to the functional aspects of a property. They evaluate the layout, space utilisation and practicality of the design to ensure it suits their lifestyle and daily routines.
  • Long-term investment potential: Women are clever at assessing the long-term investment potential of a property. They consider factors such as the growth prospects of the area, future infrastructure developments and the potential for property appreciation.

Women as negotiators and influencers

One of the most significant shifts in the real estate industry is the growing recognition of women’s negotiation prowess and their ability to influence property transactions. Women are natural negotiators, often bringing empathy, patience and strong communication skills to the table. These attributes enable them to navigate complex negotiations and secure favourable deals.

In many households, women spearhead property discussions, conducting thorough research, comparing options and making informed decisions. Their influence extends beyond just choosing a home; they also play a crucial role in selecting real estate agents, evaluating financing options and managing the overall buying process.

Encouraging women’s participation in real estate

To elevate the involvement of women in property sales, it is crucial to promote their engagement and presence within the real estate sector. This includes encouraging women to take on leadership positions, implementing mentorship initiatives, and cultivating a work environment that is inclusive and supportive.

Empowering women in the industry can have a cascading effect, encouraging more women to pursue opportunities in real estate as buyers, investors, or professionals. Ultimately, this will result in a more varied and vibrant real estate market that is better equipped to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Dubai’s commitment to female empowerment

Having resided and worked in Dubai since 1998, I have consistently experienced inclusivity in an industry that is often dominated by men. Despite being the centre of the Middle East, Dubai stands out for its progressive attitude towards supporting women and women leaders. The city is dedicated to promoting gender equality and acknowledges the significant contributions that women make in various sectors.

The shifting gender dynamics in property sales highlight the significant role that women play as decision-makers. Their impact goes beyond simple participation; they mould the market with their considerate, well-rounded, and forward-thinking approach. By acknowledging and embracing the strengths of women in property sales, we can foster a more inclusive and fair real estate sector. Together, we can work towards a future where women are not just recognised as crucial decision-makers but also celebrated for their invaluable contributions to the market.