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Binghatti and Mercedes-Benz join hands to unveil a luxury branded residence in Dubai

Experience the epitome of luxury living in Downtown Dubai with Mercedes-Benz Places | Binghatti

Bird eye view of the city

Housing a total of 150 apartments, the 65-storey Mercedes-Benz Place l Binghatti are set to redefine luxury living in Dubai

Mercedes-Benz has partnered with the prestigious Dubai-based luxury developer, Binghatti Properties to commence construction of Mercedes-Benz Places | Binghatti. This venture will consist of a stunning 65-storey residential tower that comprises 150 residences, consisting of a carefully balanced selection of two to four-bedroom units and five penthouses that promise a truly luxurious and holistic living experience.

Muhammad Binghatti and Britta Seeger sign on the dotted line

Soaring to a height of 341 meters (1,118 feet), this hyper-tower is situated in the heart of Downtown Dubai, offering breathtaking views of the iconic Burj Khalifa. By embarking on this visionary business endeavour, Mercedes-Benz aims to further solidify its position as the world’s most sought-after automotive brand. With Mercedes-Benz Places | Binghatti, they plan to infuse their design DNA, emotion, and intelligence into branded residential living spaces.

“The creation of this unique living space in Dubai is a celebration of the evolution and heritage of both brands. Working together, we will create something remarkable – a sophisticated living space that mixes iconic design, emotion, and innovation into a phenomenal architectural form,” says Muhammad Binghatti, CEO of Binghatti Properties.

What makes it a truly luxurious experience?

The residents and guests will have access to a wide range of customer-centric living solutions such as restaurants, sports and wellness zones, lounges, non-automotive retail, exhibition spaces, and parking. Mercedes-Benz Places will also provide a spectrum of advanced and innovative mobility solutions, which will include EV charging, smart mobility apps, ride-hailing, bike and scooter sharing, chauffeur services and automated valet parking.

The tower is also composed of three main elements, starting with the core and its horizontal structuring of the balconies. The second is the adjoining lamella structure with its dynamic lines. It encompasses the entire volume of the tower like a frame and thus contributes to the overall appearance of the building. The third element is the closed southern façade, characterised by its cladding. Its visually striking design is not only functional but also a significant contributor to the tower’s overall identity. Not only does the cladding provide shading from the peak summer sun, but it also contributes to the building’s energy efficiency through the integration of photovoltaics.

Generous floor-to-ceiling glazing allows the interior and exterior to merge into a single entity, creating a space that seamlessly melds architecture and nature. Moreover, the building features the highest-quality components, igniting a minimalistic yet welcoming feel that is both modern and timeless.

“Iconic design is what we are striving for. We want to create something that stands out and makes a strong statement. This is what we have done for Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai. We have taken our unique design philosophy of Sensual Purity beyond automotive and shaped an iconic landmark. It looks very different, unique, and futuristic and it will be associated with the design, technology, and luxury appeal that are trademarks of every Mercedes-Benz,” mentions Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer, Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

At the heart of the Mercedes-Benz Places proposition is the creation of a truly unique living space that will drive fascination and desire. From automotive to architecture – translating the design philosophy of ‘Sensual Purity’ Mercedes-Benz Places | Binghatti is characterised by its distinctive elliptical exterior, reminiscent of the flowing lines on a host of ultra-modern Mercedes-Benz cars. These include the futuristic VISION EQXX, the high-performance Vision One-Eleven and the Concept CLA Class unveiled at IAA Mobility 2023.

“By launching Mercedes-Benz Places | Binghatti in Dubai, we are breaking new ground by seamlessly integrating the world of Mercedes-Benz into the living environments of our customers and prospects. Our collaboration with Binghatti Properties unites expertise and trust, pioneering a real-estate experience that embodies our shared passion for innovation,” adds Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Marketing & Sales.