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Alphabeta Properties: Reshaping Dubai’s real estate landscape with M77

Alphabeta Properties’ projects showcase a blend of architectural brilliance and innovative living concepts

Alphabeta Properties, a visionary in the realm of real estate development, is redefining the landscape of luxury living in Dubai. Founded in 2016 by Emirati entrepreneur Abdulla Al Shaibani, this innovative firm has quickly established itself as a leader in the industry.

Known for its contemporary and aesthetically-driven approach, Alphabeta Properties is committed to delivering unparalleled luxury and satisfaction to its clients.

Luxury Living at M77

In a bold move that encapsulates this ethos, Alphabeta Properties proudly announces the launch of its latest project, M77. The company’s latest venture, located in Meydan Avenue, Nad Al Sheba, epitomises its commitment to setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Breaking away from traditional rental models, M77 introduces an invite-only auction for resident selection. This novel approach has garnered significant attention, creating a unique and exclusive community. Already, 70% of the units have been reserved, indicating the success and appeal of this strategy in Dubai’s competitive real estate market.

M77 consists of 77 luxury apartments, including one, two, and three-bedroom options. The sizes range from 100.3 m2 for the smallest one-bedroom apartments to 306.5 m2 for the largest three-bedroom ones. The starting rental rates are set between $28,590.8 (AED 105,000) for one-bedroom apartments and go up to $95,302.9 (AED 350,000) for three-bedroom units, reflecting the premium quality of the development.

Unit Details and Pricing:

1 Bedroom Apartments:
Sizes: 100.3 – 187.6 m2  
Starting rental rates: $28,590.8 – 40,844.1 (AED 105,000 – 150,000)

2 Bedroom Apartments:
Sizes: 211.8 – 221 m2 
Starting rental rates: $58,543.2 – 70,796.4 (AED 215,000 – 260,000)

3 Bedroom Apartments:
Size: 232 – 306.5 m2
Starting rental rates: $68,073.5 – 95,302.9 (AED 250,000 – 350,000)

Each apartment is designed with attention to detail, featuring a store/laundry room and a semi-equipped kitchen, complete with modern appliances like a dishwasher, oven, and stove. The design ethos blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring a comfortable yet luxurious living experience.

The amenities at M77 are tailored to meet high standards of luxury living. The development boasts two lobbies, four elevators, a full-floor gymnasium, and a 50-meter Olympic-sized pool that is both heated and chilled. The smart keyless entry system adds a modern touch, enhancing convenience and security. The prime location adjacent to an open green area offers residents easy access and breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa and Meydan Hotel.

Beyond M77

Alphabeta Properties‘ influence extends beyond M77. The Alphabeta T-10 project in Al Barsha 1 consists of 10 European-style townhouses, each offering 5000 sq ft of spacious living. Alphabeta C-6 in Al Safa 1, dubbed the “Spaceship,” comprises six sleek condos with a minimalist design and private pools.

The firm’s commercial venture, Alphabeta M-3, known for its contemporary glass design, offers retail shops and a private office space. Additionally, the Alphabeta G-4 project in Nad Al Sheba Gardens features 4-bedroom luxury villas with an emphasis on minimalist design and functionality.

Alphabeta Properties’ vision for Dubai’s future

Abdulla Al Shaibani

Under Al Shaibani’s leadership, Alphabeta Properties has become a significant player in Dubai’s real estate market. Its projects showcase a blend of architectural brilliance and innovative living concepts. As Alphabeta continues to introduce groundbreaking developments, it not only redefines luxury living but also contributes significantly to the architectural and cultural fabric of Dubai.

Al Shaibani envisions a transformative future for Alphabeta Properties in Dubai: “With M77, we’re not just introducing a development; we’re creating an exclusive community that embodies the essence of modern luxury living. The invite-only auction reflects our commitment to innovation and sets M77 apart as a truly unique and sought-after residence in Dubai.

“Our vision extends beyond creating exceptional residences; we aim to contribute significantly to the architectural and cultural fabric of Dubai. As we continue to introduce ground-breaking developments, Alphabeta Properties not only redefines luxury living but also leaves an indelible mark on the city’s skyline.”