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A day in the life of a real estate realtor

Step into the dynamic world of Karan Jagwani, Sales Director at Union Square House Real Estate Broker as he navigates through diverse challenges and exciting opportunities

A day in the life of a real estate realtor

The housing market is famous for its constant fluctuations, offering great opportunities for those looking to buy or invest in a home. And in this intricate world of property transactions, there’s one important person you can turn to for guidance: the real estate broker. These professionals play a crucial role in connecting buyers and renters with sellers and landlords, making the process much smoother and easier for everyone involved.

If you’ve ever noticed the fancy cars, and sharp suits, and chatted with a real estate broker, you may have wondered, “What does a real estate broker really do every day?” If you’re curious about diving into the real estate world or just interested in a typical day of a real estate broker, you’re in good company!

As the sun rises over Dubai’s iconic skyline, Karan Jagwani, who works as a Sales Director at Union Square House Real Estate Broker, embodies the spirit of ambition and innovation that defines the city’s real estate landscape. From the serene tranquillity of an early morning gym session to the bustling energy of the urban jungle, his day unfolds with purpose and determination.

Balancing fitness and business

Karan starts his day at 7 am with a morning workout at the gym to energise himself before work. By 9 am, he’s all set for the day ahead, mixing self-care with work prep.

Productivity on the go

Karan doesn’t believe in being tied down to a desk. Instead, he fully embraces a mobile lifestyle, making his car his second office. Whether it’s making phone calls or sending emails, he does it all from the buzzing streets of Dubai. He optimises his time between appointments by pulling over to get work done whenever he can.

Karan Jagwani, Sales Director at Union Square House Real Estate Broker

The early bird catches the worm

While the clock strikes 10 am for many, Karan has already been hard at work, fielding calls and laying the groundwork for successful transactions. By the time he arrives at the office, he’s ready to dive into the day’s tasks.

Balancing client needs and team leadership

As the day unfolds, Karan seamlessly transitions between client interactions and team management responsibilities. From scheduling viewings to coordinating handovers, he ensures that every aspect of the real estate process runs smoothly. Beyond individual transactions, he nurtures a collaborative environment within his team, fostering positivity and productivity.

At the centre of all the action

At the core of Karan’s daily routine lies a passion for connecting buyers and sellers, each interaction adding depth to his understanding of Dubai’s vibrant real estate landscape. He also acknowledges that achieving success in the real estate industry requires hard work. He emphasises the importance of patience, innovation, creativity, and a deep understanding of people’s needs and desires. With a diverse array of clients and properties to navigate, no two days are alike—a challenge he embraces with enthusiasm and expertise.

Cultural diplomacy

In Dubai’s cosmopolitan landscape, Karan serves as more than just a realtor—he acts as a cultural ambassador, connecting with a diverse clientele from around the world and telling the story of Dubai along the way. Fluent in multiple languages and well-versed in cross-cultural communication, he gracefully traverses the intricacies inherent in serving customers hailing from Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


Karan’s success in the Dubai real estate market is not merely attributed to his skill and expertise but also his unwavering discipline and long-term commitment. With over a decade of dedicated service to Union Square House Real Estate, Karan has weathered market cycles and fluctuations, staying true to his organisation through thick and thin. In an industry where professionals often succumb to the lure of quick gains and frequent job changes, Karan’s steadfastness is a testament to the importance of discipline in achieving lasting success.