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12 simple ways to make your small kitchen look bigger

Craft a beautiful and functional kitchen, regardless of square footage

12 simple ways to make your small kitchen look bigger

Are you longing for a luxurious and spacious kitchen, but find yourself limited by your compact space? Fear not, as our experts understand the dilemma you face. With our guidance, you can maximise every inch of your kitchen and elevate it to a highly functional and beautifully organised space.

Let’s make your culinary dreams a reality

Don’t compromise on aesthetics just because of size, let us show you how to turn your small kitchen into an Instagram-worthy masterpiece.

  1. One way to create more space in the kitchen is by removing partitions, using glass enclosures, switching to sliding doors, or altogether removing doors.
  2. Adequate natural light is crucial for creating a sense of spaciousness in your space. Hence, opt for indirect lighting above upper cabinets to brighten the workspace, along with wall lights or spotlights in storage and pantry areas.
  3. Light colours have a tendency to reflect light, making spaces appear brighter. While white is a popular choice, other light hues such as grey, green, or blue can also be considered. Utilising dado tiles in light tones can help prevent the space from feeling too overwhelming. For added character, consider incorporating wallpaper, paint, or more eye-catching tiles in an area of the kitchen that is not prone to water damage.
  4. When designing a kitchen, it is crucial to focus on optimising storage, with particular attention to utilising wall space effectively. Base units should have a depth of 60cm to accommodate appliances, but tall units and columns can be used to reduce depth and create a more open feel in the space.
  5. Consider replacing heavy tall furniture with visually lighter shelves to enhance the overall design. It is important to keep shelves organised to prevent clutter. Trolleys or auxiliary shelves can be added for additional storage options.
  6. When adding an island to a kitchen, adequate space is necessary, but there are various kitchen island models available designed for smaller kitchens. Some do not include cooking or cleaning areas, which decreases their size. These islands can be utilised as additional work surfaces and storage. If the kitchen opens up to the living room, an island can serve as a great way to divide the space. Additionally, a piece of furniture or the dining table can also be repurposed as an island.
  7. For those with limited counter space and a tendency to create a mess while cooking, experts recommend utilising vertical storage solutions such as shelves or bars on uncluttered walls. These can be used to hang utensils, cups, pots, spices, pasta, and vegetables. Make use of the space behind the door by hanging cleaning cloths, aprons, and mittens, or installing shelves with reduced depth for spice jars.
  8. In U-shaped or L-shaped kitchens, maximise corner efficiency with revolving racks and turntables, commonly referred to as ‘magic corners’. Utilize the bottom of cabinets for hanging stemware and crystals to both store and showcase delicate items. Every corner of the kitchen presents an opportunity for additional storage space, whether it’s adding organisers to drawers or implementing collapsible solutions.
  9. Utilise the lower kitchen drawers for storing jars and cans. To keep them organised, use 16-inch deep bins and label each bin for easy access to items. Install small shelves with a height of 150mm or 125mm in the backsplash area to accommodate more containers without compromising cooking space.
  10. Opt for easy-to-grab baskets to store additional crockery, glassware, or packaged goods. Place these baskets on top of cabinets for accessibility, using a stool to retrieve items as needed.
  11. Mount a magnetic knife bar above the countertop to have a variety of knives readily available for meal preparation.
  12. Maximise space by hanging glassware from shelf tops using metal or wooden rails beneath each shelf.